Any entity or individual is also eligible to open a Money Market Savings Plus account, with the same terms given to individual account holders.

This account has limited check writing privileges. Up to six transfers are allowed per statement cycle to another account or to third parties. These can be by check, draft, authorized debit, telephone transfer, ACH, or debit card. (There is a $5 fee any month you exceed the 6-transaction limit). Your interest rate increases as your balance grows. See our Rate Sheet for current interest rates and related balances.

Money Market Savings Plus

  • Tiered interest rate based on daily balance
  • Interest earned on balances $1,000 and more
  • Average monthly balance of only $1,000 waives the service charge of $10 per month.
  • Interest earned is compounded and credited monthly.
  • Access your funds as often as needed at bank teller windows
  • Up to 6 electronic withdrawals and/or transfers per month, which can be by checks or other third-party transfers drawn on your Money Market Plus account . $5 fee any month you exceed the 6-transaction limit.
  • Activity shown on your monthly statement

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