Our business bankers can streamline the way you handle your business’s cash needs with services like:

Commercial Online Services

What can you do with our Business Online Banking?

  • View current transactions and old bank statements; print out paid checks
  • Transfer funds between accounts, including making loan payments
  • Pay the company’s bills electronically
  • Create and send ACH debits and credits for direct deposit payroll and other purposes
  • Give various employees designated levels of authority to access accounts and create transactions online.

For example

  • Your bookkeeper may only be able to view transactions on the checking accounts to verify checks paid and incoming credits.
  • Accounts Payable may have authority to transfer funds between accounts and pay bills electronically.
  • Payroll Dept. may have authority to create ACH direct deposit batches; perhaps the manager is the only one who can actually send the files.

Why businesses love this service

  • You’re no longer restricted by banking hours. Manage your money any time, any day online.
  • Save time and money using online bill pay. Once vendors are set up, it only takes seconds to send a payment electronically. Reduce your costs of check stock and postage.
  • Keep your excess cash working hard by keeping track of balances in various accounts and keeping maximum funds in an investment account. Transfers between accounts can be made at any time.
  • Make your employees happy with direct deposit payroll at a very affordable price. Employees won’t have to run to the bank or line up at your front office to cash pay checks. Remote employees can be paid in a timely manner.
  • Verify incoming wire or ACH credits immediately. This is especially useful for attorneys who are preparing for closings.
  • Speed up your accounts payable by using authorized electronic debits to your customers’ accounts for payments or dues.


  • Monthly access fee is $9.95. This includes unlimited bill payment.
  • If ACH (automated clearing house) services are used, the cost is $.25 per item processed, with a monthly minimum charge of $15.
  • Example: You pay 24 employees weekly. Each time you pay them you will have 24 credits and one debit sent via ACH. This totals $.25 x 100 = $25 in item fees for 4 weeks. Add $9.95 access fee for a total of $34.95 for the month.
  • $3.00 per item for ACH debit returned (Return/NOC)
  • Note: these charges are “hard” charges and are not part of account analysis for commercial checking accounts

Getting Started

  • An authorized person from the business signs an enrollment form. This needs to be someone whose name is on their business resolution and has rights to access all bank accounts.
  • An “administrator” is designated. This is the person who will have full access and authority over all the online banking functions.
  • We issue a password to the administrator. Someone from the bank will help the administrator get familiar with the various functions.
  • The administrator can then set employees up as users with various levels of access, and change them as needed.


Merchant Bankcard Processing

Credit and debit card usage is increasing every year. Farmers & Merchants Bank merchant services provide high-quality, high-value, low-cost merchant processing for all major credit cards and debit cards. All this while delivering outstanding customer service.

Terminal Options and Advanced Payment Solutions

Farmers & Merchants Bank offers multiple point-of-sale (POS) terminal options to help meet your budget and performance requirements. Whether it’s processing payments through your terminal, telephone, or on your P.C., Farmers & Merchants Bank can make it happen at a minimal expense.
Just contact us and we'll discuss the options that are right for your business.