Features and Benefits Of Online Banking

Features And Benefits Of Online Banking
An overview of F&M Bank’s Online Banking features and benefits.

By Jackie Burner, Assistant Manager of the F&M Bank Bridgewater Branch

The last time we chatted, we discussed safety procedures for online banking.  This time I would like to discuss a couple of the features that our online banking offers.

My absolute favorite feature of online banking is Bill Pay.

I came from the “Old School” that said, “I like having a check in my hand”.  “I feel more in control when I write a check, address the envelope and run to the post office because I ran out stamps and finally mail the letter”.  I cringed as I typed that statement, because what I have found is that the “Old School” way controlled me.

Well, times have changed and I have finally embraced our online banking with a passion. Here are just a couple of the benefits it offers.

It is so nice to be able to pay your bills right from the comfort of your own recliner.

It is so easy and with just a few clicks on your computer, your bills are paid. I can actually pay all my bills in about two minutes. You can even pay your bills while away on vacation. If you have recurring payments you definitely will like bill pay. You set them up once and each month on that day, your bill will be paid.   Our system is very easy to navigate and if you do have an issue, we have many friendly faces in our branches that would be more than happy to help you.

Using your bill pay is very safe. Keeping your passwords up to date and confidential is very important. Using Bill Pay gives you the assurance of knowing that your bill, when processed properly, will be handled quickly and efficiently.

The second benefit of Online Banking is the Mobile Banking feature. My husband loves this feature.  If you are paid by check like he is and can’t get to the bank, Mobile banking is for you.  Just take a picture of your check and deposit it directly into your checking account. How amazing is that.  You even get a confirmation text that your check was processed correctly. Checking your balance on your phone is a breeze.  You can even have your balance texted to you every day.

Online Banking offers you the ability to print copies of your monthly statements and let’s not forget the ability to make transfers from one account to another by just a few clicks.

It’s all about making life easier for our customers.

If you have never used Online Banking, give it a try.  We are here to help you through the entire process from beginning to end.  Don’t wait!  Start today and enjoy the benefits available to you.