F&M Bank Christmas Party Employee Awards and Recognition

On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, F&M Bank held its annual Christmas Party, and several employees were honored for their years of service and dedication to F&M Bank.

50 Years of Service-1966

Sylvia Bowman

Pictured: Dean Withers and Sylvia Bowman

30 Years of Service-1986

Debbie Andes and Jean Coffman

Pictured: Debbie Andes and Dean Withers

25 Years of Service-1991

Ronnie Wampler (Board of Directors), Tom Cline (Board of Directors), and Sharon Lantz

Pictured: Dean Withers, Ronnie Wampler and Tom Cline

20 Years of Service-1996

Neil Hayslett

15 Years of Service-2001

Carrie Comer, Christy Trail, John Crist (Board of Directors), Dan Harshman (Board of Directors), Berlin Smith, and Alice Yates

Pictured: Dean Withers, Carrie Comer and Christy Trail

10 Years of Service-2006

Cindy Ramey, Yvette McCoy, Tom Campbell, Barabara Bartley, LJ Purcell, Eddie Reid, Ashley Riggelman, Natalie Strickler, and Vickie Young.

Pictured: Cindy Ramey, Yvette McCoy, Tom Campbell, Barbara Bartley and Dean Withers

5 Years of Service-2011

Pattie Schimmel, Melody Emswiler, Emily Rhodes, Ashley McClure, Ashley Griffith, and Tonya Branner.

Pictured: Pattie Schimmel, Dean Withers, Melody Emswiler, Emily Rhodes, Ashley McClure and Ashley Griffith