How To Report Lost and Stolen Cards

Customers are now able to use online banking to report debit cards as lost or stolen, or to activate new cards that are mailed to them. This feature is available in the Options tab in F&M Bank's Online Banking portal. 

To report your debit card as lost or stolen, or to activate a card, click on the ATM/Debit Card tab. A screen will appear listing the cards associated with your accounts, and will indicate the card is in one of the statuses below:

  • Active  
    • You will have the option to mark as Lost/Stolen.
  • In Process Card Order
    • You will have the option to mark as Activate. This means you can now activate a new card without visiting an ATM!
  • Mark as Lost/Stolen
    • Use this in the event that the card appears to be lost in the mail.

When you click the box that indicates Lost/Stolen, you will be directed to a confirmation page to verify that the card is to be blocked. At that point, the card will be instantly hotcarded on our card system, meaning transactions will be blocked.  Please contact the bank for a new card. New cards can either be mailed to you or instantly issued at your local branch.

*Please note that once a card is reported as Lost/Stolen the card cannot be switched back to Active if the card is found.*  

A member of our Customer Support team will monitor hotcards from Online Banking on a daily basis and will make up to three attempts to contact you by phone to determine which options for a replacement card best suits your needs (either mailed or issued at a branch). 

Customers can still use the phone hotline to report lost or stolen cards or to activate their card and can still contact any bank employee. 

We hope that you will enjoy this additional option for your convenience!