Whether your business is large or small, you need to provide attractive benefits to retain your best employees. Farmers & Merchants Financial Services, Inc. can help. You can choose from a variety of retirement plan options that balance your business’s needs with your employees’ desire for a secure retirement. As a longtime presence in Shenandoah Valley communities, Farmers & Merchants Financial Services, Inc. is uniquely poised to understand local business concerns and offer practical advice on employee retirement plans.

Employee Retirement Plan Providers Make It Easy To Offer Good Benefits

Browse this menu of employee retirement plans. We make it easy for you to choose a plan your employees will love.

Individual Retirement Accounts

IRAs are a simple way to help your employees save for retirement. They are perfect for small businesses. You decide how much to participate, from setting up the account for your employees, to whether or not your company will match some or all of an employee’s contributions. Choose from three types of IRAs:

  • Traditional IRA: Some or all of an employee’s contributions are tax deductible now. IRA funds are not taxed until withdrawn in retirement.
  • Roth IRA: Contributions are not tax deductible, but retirement income from the Roth IRA is not taxed.
  • SIMPLE IRA Plan: For small companies that want to offer employees some help with saving for retirement. Make matching or nonelective contributions to each employee’s IRA account.

Simplified Employee Pension Funds

Also known as SEPs, Simplified Employee Pension Plans enable smaller businesses to provide retirement benefits with lower costs and fewer reporting requirements than other qualified retirement plans. SEPs are essentially a group of individual IRAs which the company maintains for each participating employee. Because the company's contributions are subject to SEP rather than IRA contribution limits, SEPs offer a very attractive solution for both employer and employee.

401(k) Retirement Plans

These employer-sponsored plans enable employees to make tax-deductible deposits into their 401(k) accounts. You decide whether or not to make matching contributions--and how much of each employee’s deposit you’ll match.

Businesses benefit from offering Employee Retirement Plans

Besides helping you attract and retain the best talent, your business can benefit from important tax savings when you offer retirement plans to your employees. This includes tax credits and incentives for starting retirement accounts for your employees and the ability to deduct any employer contributions you make.

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Farmers & Merchants Financial Services, Inc. can help you learn about and choose from our full range of IRA, 401(k) and pension plan options. Contact us to discuss your company’s specific needs with our investment professionals. We also have a convenient reference chart to help you determine which kind of retirement plan might be best for your business.

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