Matt Hill

Matt Hill

Assistant Vice President; Commercial Relationship Manager

Why F&M Bank?

Question: What do you enjoy most about being a lender for F&M?

F&M still, in my opinion, has a connection to folks as a “mom and pop” bank, even though it’s all grown up and can compete with bigger banks. Our stated values resonate with me and are values that I share.

Question: Why should a local business choose F&M’s commercial lending services over a larger national bank?

F&M is in and of this Valley. We use our internal resources along with the resources of our neighbors externally and reinvest those into our Valley. We understand our markets, which makes us a good partner in good times and bad.

Let’s Get to Know You:

Question: Where are you from, and what’s brought you to where you live/work now?

I’m originally from Alabama but spent 10 years in Virginia between 1997 and 2007.  After spending 12 years in Montana, my wife and I returned to the area that we first met. I worked for a small community bank in Montana and grew to love the people who work with a community bank, as well as the values smaller banks represent, and the involvement community banks have in their community.

Question: What do you like best about the local community you serve?

Well firstly, it’s a great place to wake up each morning and look out the window. But also, I really align with the pace and rhythm of life that exists in our community. It seems to be a nice compromise between a too-fast paced big city and tiny town without any momentum or opportunity. I suspect that the folks here like that relationships still matter in our area.

Question: What are your hobbies?

I seem to find a way to work as a hobby. I really enjoy fixer type projects, whether it’s houses or cool cars. I’ve started to enjoy vegetable gardening, and I’ve always enjoyed spending time around horses.

Question: How long have you been working in the commercial real estate and lending industry?

I’ve been a lender of some sort since 2006, which sounds like a long time but compared to some lenders, it’s just getting out of the gate!

Question: How has commercial real estate changed over that time?

Not that this is specific to commercial real estate, but the change I’ve seen the most is around increased regulation and examiner oversight. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but like any time things change, there are opportunities for either friction and/or growth around those changes. Our customers often experience that friction and growth with us, and hopefully we are able to help them smoothly transition to a new lending atmosphere.

Question: What impact do you hope to make on the local community?

My hope is simply to serve the folks with whom I come into contact. That service may be with a bank product, a good recipe or maybe even sharing a laugh or two. If I can be part of a connection to the community through my bank, then I believe that’s a worthy impact to hope for.

Share Your Expertise:

Question: What advice would you offer new business owners who are interested in obtaining or learning more about commercial lending?

I would advise new business owners to use the services of a commercial lender to help them either plan for financing options for a new business or even do a wellness check for existing businesses. There’s been many a profitable business close its doors due to cash and resource mismanagement. Understand your cash flow cycle, use debt where appropriate and have a plan!

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