Facts About the New F&M Bank Visa Debit and Credit Chip Cards

F&M Bank will begin reissuing EMV chip-enabled Visa debit cards and Visa credit cards in early 2016. New cards will feature a small microchip embedded in every card. The chip stores information, performs processing, and adds an additional layer of security for your protection. The chip generates a unique code with each transaction, making counterfeiting cards and duplicating transactions nearly impossible.

How Will My New Card Look?

Your new chip card, issued when your current card expires, or as a replacement in the event of a card loss, will appear similar to the image below. Colors may vary depending on card type (debit/credit).

Visa Chip Cards

How Do I Use My New Visa Debit Chip Card?

Visa Chip Cards


Additional Chip Card Information

Customers can still swipe a chip-enabled card using the magnetic stripe on the back of the card at merchants who haven't yet updated their terminals.

If you swipe your chip-enabled card at a chip-activated terminal, the terminal will prompt you to insert the card into the chip slot instead.


Watch this video to see the process

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