Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

Looking back as a mother of 5, I can now see the visible difference in teaching kids about finances and choosing not to do so.  Now that my children are adults, the difference that financial education and learning to save has made in their lives is remarkable.  My only wish is that my kids would have had a savings option like the Treehouse account that F&M offers.  Like so many children whose parent signs them up, they could have put their money in a special piggy bank – keeping it out of sight and out of mind! –  and watch their savings grow with each “deposit” of a coin.

Even though my kids didn’t have an account like this, my grandchildren certainly do! As soon as they were old enough to write their own name we opened an account for them. They love the Treehouse Newsletter they receive and are so excited when it comes in the mail each quarter.  Of course, they also love receiving a birthday card each year and that little gift they get after so many deposits…

I just love watching them compete to see who can save the most.  It makes me very happy to see my grandchildren learning the foundations of savings; setting them up for a better future.

Barbara Bartley
Office Manager and Lender, Fishersville

If you would like more information about our Treehouse Savings Club, or other savings options