The Strength of a Community Bank: ATM in Craigsville a Success

Farmers & Merchants Bank, a locally owned independent community bank headquartered in Timberville, VA, has now expanded its presence into Craigsville, VA with a mobile ATM in place at Town Center.

With a population of 1,000 and no banking service, the town of Craigsville reached out to Farmers & Merchants in early July to discuss ATM options. Mayor Richard Fox has been pushing for two years to bring banking services back to Craigsville, but after speaking with 13 different banks, the same answer surfaced. The expense was too high, and the town was too small.

Being a small community bank, Farmers & Merchants seemed like a great fit for the Craigsville community. Dean Withers, President, and Neil Hayslett, Chief Administrative Officer, met with the mayor on July 6, 2015, and decided the quickest solution for citizens of Craigsville was to install a mobile ATM. Residents of Craigsville and the surrounding area would no longer have to travel to conduct bank business.

The decision was made, and the mobile ATM would be placed at Town Center. However, many steps had to be taken before installation. In the two weeks following the initial meeting, a trailer was purchased and lettered, the ATM, its signage and banners were ordered, the solar system was built, wiring and electrical components were installed, and metal fabrication for the canopy was put in place.

On July 24, 2015, the ATM and security system was installed. Just three weeks after the decision to go forward with the ATM, Farmers & Merchants Bank delivered. On July 27, 2015, the mayor and town clerk opened accounts for the town.

While 13 other banks dismissed offers to place an ATM in Craigsville, Farmers & Merchants, a small community bank, pulled together as a team, and in three weeks, the ATM was installed and open for use. A courier service was also put in place to pick up deposits and other transactions for local businesses. All departments of the bank worked together, and the strength and commitment of a community bank is evident with Farmers & Merchant’s presence in Craigsville.

The teamwork of employees is commendable, and special thanks is extended to the many vendors who worked with Farmers & Merchants. ATM USA supplied the ATM and technology to make it run, Eddie Edwards Signs provided the vinyl lettering and logos on the trailer, Muddy Feet Graphics furnished the temporary yard signs announcing the arrival of the ATM, Vector Security installed the security system, Randy’s Do It Best Hardware supplied a variety of tools and parts for the project, and Broadway Metal Works assisted with the metal fabrication.