Yahoo! Data Breach

Yahoo Data Breach – Precautions to Take

On September 22, Yahoo announced that 500 million of their accounts were hacked and are sold by internet criminals. Internet criminals can use this information in a variety of ways. For instance, they could send phishing emails claiming you need to change your Yahoo account, looking just like the real ones. If you are a Yahoo user or use the same user codes and passwords for different accounts, including a Yahoo account, consider taking these steps:

  • Open your browser and go to Yahoo. Do not use a link in any email. Reset your password and make it a strong, complex password or rather a pass-phrase.
  • If you were using that same password on multiple websites, stop doing so immediately. Using the same password all over the place is an invitation to get hacked. If you did use your Yahoo passwords on other sites, go to those sites and change the password there too. Also change the security questions and make the answer something non-obvious.
  • Use a free password manager that can generate hard-to-hack passwords, keep and remember them for you.
  • Watch out for any phishing emails that relate to Yahoo in any way and ask for information.

The Federal Trade Commission also offers a short video on handling data breaches and points consumers to the website for more information.