What if collecting electronic payments from your customers was as easy as sending them a text message? Great news: starting today, you really can collect electronic payments this easily — just use Autobooks inside your F&M Bank Online or Mobile Banking.

As the Giving Season fast approaches, is your nonprofit looking for an easy way to collect monetary donations, in-app or online? If so, we have some good news!

Did you know that you can share a unique payment link or QR code to accept credit card/ACH donations — both in-person and online — from right inside your F&M Bank account?

Here’s why you’ll love accepting donations through F&M Bank:

Easily share your payment link or QR code to take donations. Both options lead to your payment form and allow you to accept credit card, debit card, and ACH payments, and provide your donors the option to cover increase their contribution to cover your fees.

You can also take donations over the phone and enter them in the same payment form your customers use, directly inside of your F&M Bank account!

Transparent rates if your donors do not cover your fees. When you accept online donations through your F&M Bank  account, you’ll pay:

  • 3.49% per credit or debit card transaction
  • 1.00% per ACH transaction

Funds are deposited in two business days. Since there’s no virtual wallet or third-party balance in the way, incoming payments from your donors are easy to access.

Remember, donors will give more quickly when it’s easier to donate.

To get started, just log into your F&M Bank account, and follow the prompts on your dashboard to access your Payment Link. It’s that simple!