Business Term Loans

Since 1908, F&M Bank has helped local businesses across the Shenandoah Valley with day-to-day financial needs and the necessary capital to expand and thrive. Unlike national term loan lenders, we are in tune with the specific circumstances and concerns in the business communities we serve. That’s why we partner with your company to find a customized solution to your goal or project with our wide range of business term loans.

What are business term loans?

Term loan financing for businesses provides the capital you need to grow your business. Whether you need to invest in new equipment or hire employees, term loans give you the flexibility to borrow what you need and pay it back over a predetermined length of time that works for you.
Business term loans are for established companies with a good credit history and positive annual income. You can borrow a little or a lot to meet your company’s specific purchasing needs. Interest rates vary but are usually fixed so that your monthly repayment amount is consistent and easy to budget. Business term loans often have a fast turnaround time so your business can keep moving and growing.

What can business term loans be used for?

Companies use business term loans for a variety of purposes. Whether you operate a store, a farm, or another type of small business, the day will come when you need to buy new equipment or inventory, hire more employees, or increase your space or operations. You may also need capital to pay taxes, meet payroll, or refinance an existing higher interest loan.

Business term loans are a flexible way to finance all of these projects. From interest type and rate to the length of repayment, F&M Bank will help you customize a business term loan that works for your company. We can also help you figure out the best collateral to use for the loan.

Why choose a local lender for your business term loan?

There are plenty of business term lenders out there, but only your community bank is as invested in the success of your business as you are. With over one hundred years of experience, F&M Bank understands the business environment in your community better than a bigger bank. We are part of the local economy and we invest in local businesses in order to create thriving communities where our employees live and work alongside you and your business.

Local banks are also more accessible. Instead of waiting on hold to speak to a loan officer in a distant city, you can walk into your local branch in Augusta, Page, Rockingham, or Shenandoah County and talk to the person in charge of your loan application and account. Relationships are important to us; you can expect to be greeted by name every time you visit your local branch.

Speed and flexibility are also perks of working with a community bank. We strive to provide our customers with a swift decision-making process so you can get to work as quickly as possible. All of our lending decisions are made locally and we offer flexible terms and rates to fit the individual needs of the different businesses we serve.

From Harrisonburg to Staunton and all across the Shenandoah Valley, F&M Bank is your local source for business term loans. Start the process today by calling us or visiting your local branch.

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