JMU Alumni’s Affinity Banking Partner

JMU Alumni Association’s Affinity Banking Partner

F&M Bank has partnered with the JMU Alumni Association as a regionally exclusive affinity banking partner. The benefits of the relationship extend to university employees, Alumni Association Board of Directors, alumni and other associates.

F&M Bank and James Madison University were both founded in 1908 and boast a long-standing history of serving the community. At F&M Bank, we strive to make the communities we serve better, and one way to ensure that happens is by building long-lasting relationships with local partners. We’re excited to come together with the Alumni Association and build a relationship that mutually benefits all parties while positively impacting the communities we both serve.

In addition to serving as the preferred financial institution of the Alumni Association, F&M Bank will be an engaged and responsive Purple Partner, with active participation in various events and activities on campus. F&M Bank and its associates look forward to engaging with current students, alumni, faculty and staff of James Madison University through special promotions, engagement opportunities, educational events and more.

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