Confident Banking Starts With Support You Trust.

People are behind every aspect of banking with F&M Bank. Our online security is run by experienced IT professionals and our financial planners provide dependable qualified recommendations. We are insured by FDIC for coverage up to $250,000 on our traditional accounts and up to $50 million through participation in the CDARS network. Simply said, we’ve got your back and are here for you when you need us:

Dedicated Professionals Educate You On Your Options.

Our team has extensive experience guiding our clients through their banking options. We present your options in a clear and concise manner, and provide clarification you need when decisions are tough. F&M’s experienced bankers are your resource for financial education you can trust whether you need a personal checking account or are looking for an investment strategy to pay for your retirement. Additional educational resources include online and classroom opportunities for adults and kids to learn smart financial strategies and planning they can use the rest of their lives. Are you ready to get started?

F&M Supports Volunteerism In Real Ways.

The team at F&M Bank dedicates thousands of hours each year to volunteer efforts with community nonprofits. Community support starts with people willing and able to invest their time and resources in building better futures. At every level of our organization’s structure, you’ll find a happy and willing community leader committed to making the Shenandoah Valley and beyond a brighter place to work and live. Contact a member of our team to learn more about F&M’s philanthropic initiatives and all our banking services.