If your Visa check card is lost or stolen, or you suspect fraud on your account, we want to know right away. The card will be de-activated so no one else can use it. This notification is a requirement for you to avoid liability* for unauthorized use.

During regular banking hours, call any branch of our bank, or the Operations area in Timberville: (540) 896-8941

To take immediate action, within the F&M Bank mobile app, you can “lock” your debit card, which turns it off to prevent further use. Simply search “F&M Bank-VA” in the iOS or Google Play store to download the app. Visit the page below to learn about all of your Card Management features.

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*Liability for unauthorized transactions: If you believe that your ATM or VISA Check Card or PIN has been lost or stolen or money is missing from your account, and your contact Farmers & Merchants Bank within two business days, you shall lose no more than $50.00. However, if you do not tell Farmers & Merchants Bank within two business days after you learn of the loss, theft, or misuse, and it can be proven that Farmers & Merchants Bank could have stopped the loss, theft, or misuse from occurring, you could lose as much as $500.00. If you give your ATM or VISA Check Card and PIN to someone else to use you are responsible for any use of the card by that person.