Jon Henry General Store


Jon Henry General Store
9383 N Congress St, New Market, VA 22844
(540) 740-4304

Tell us about your business:

Since 2018, Jon Henry General Store has been offering an eclectic array of local, regional and fair trade products ranging from Homegrown Tomatoes, Silly Socks, Local Jams & Jellies, Vegan Milks, Wooden Toys, Artisan Jewelry, and Board Games along with old fashion country store staples like Clove Gum & Pickled Turkey Gizzards. The historic 1802 building stocks it shelved with wares and cares from over 75 local artisans, farmers, bottlers, and makers. It is 1 of just 4 Groceries in the Commonwealth to offer Virginia Fresh Match Incentives so folks with EBT, P-EBT or Food Stamps can get 50% OFF fresh & local fruits and vegetables. JHGS works with an array of community partners like the Shenandoah County Public Schools to offer internships, co-sponsor events at New Market Library, support Rotary and other regional non-profit programs, direct fresh produce donations to Page One, and adoption events for local Animal Shelters.

What would you do with $10,000?:

These funds would be reinvested in our work to keep our community fed. We are in the midst of expanding our operations in Downtown New Market so these funds would accelerate our work. Since pivoting towards being a full-fledged grocer, we are needing to expand our critical infrastructure like coolers & freezers along with updating the historic structure. Weathering the changes brought by the Pandemic has further invigorates us to continue to work with our staff, community, and suppliers to envision a sustainable food ecosystem so our community remains healthfully supported from the farm to the table. We would like to further increase our public education programs, offer more staff incentives, and take on even more local vendors.