Cattle Farm Financing

For over 100 years, F&M Bank has invested in the farmers and small businesses of the Shenandoah Valley. We know that agriculture is a large part of the economy in Augusta, Page, Rockingham, and Shenandoah counties. That’s why we are proud to offer financing options that are tailored to the needs of agriculture businesses in our communities. F&M can help you establish or expand your cattle farm with loans that are flexible and personalized, not one-size-fits-all.

Livestock Loans.

Whatever your goals for your cattle farm, purchasing healthy and profitable animals is the foundation of a successful operation. F&M’s livestock loans can help you establish an initial population of cattle, expand your herd, or acquire the equipment and supplies necessary to keep your livestock fed, healthy, and productive. Shenandoah Valley cattle farmers use livestock loans for a variety of purposes including:

  • Beef cattle loans
  • Purchase stocker calves to be sold a few months later as feeder cattle
  • Finance your cow-calf operation
  • Pay for feedlot equipment and supplies in order to achieve the best results in your cattle prior to slaughter

Cattle Farm Construction Loans.

Beyond livestock, you’ll need various buildings for shelter, feeding, and other purposes in order to run a successful cattle farm. F&M’s cattle farm construction loans help you establish or expand your cattle farm business. Some common uses for cattle farm construction financing include:

  • Purchase cattle feeding and water equipment
  • Build housing for your cattle
  • Buy or construct scales, holding pens, and other necessary supplies
  • Buy land to build on and establish your cattle farm or ranch
  • Refinance an existing cattle farm loan or related debt in order to receive a better rate and terms

F&M is your local cattle farm lender.

Cattle farming is an inherently risky business. F&M understands the challenges facing cattle farmers, from lost profits and unanticipated expenses due to animal disease or premature death, to the importance of feeding cattle the right amount so they reach goal weights before slaughter. When you’re looking for cattle farm lenders, choose the community bank that has helped generations of farmers before you. Our employees live and work in your community and understand the details of the local agriculture economy.

Contact our cattle farm lending team today.

F&M Bank offers flexible financing options and competitive rates and terms. We strive to bring you an all-around positive experience, from the best deal on your cattle farm loan, to friendly customer service. We are always there when you need us, just a phone call away or a short drive to your local branch. Contact us today to discuss your cattle farm financing needs and how we can help you reach your business goals.