Dairy Farm Financing

Small dairy farms face unique challenges in today’s economy. There are the uncertainties that all livestock farmers must deal with: animals get sick and sometimes die, prices and profits fluctuate, and the all-consuming nature of the work makes it difficult for farmers to invest time and resources in expansion or new revenue streams. But dairy farmers in particular must also contend with a population that may have a negative image of dairy products due to their fat content and other dietary factors.

Luckily, Virginia’s Shenandoah Dairy farmers can turn to a community bank that has supported and invested in farmers since 1908. F&M is proud of our long history in the region, a history that has given us a deep knowledge of the dairy farming industry in Augusta, Page, Rockingham, and Shenandoah counties. Unlike national dairy farm lenders, we are in your community and have expertise on the local economy. Our lending decisions are made locally and our smaller size enables us to offer more flexibility and swift turnaround times to our customers. When you need extra capital to establish or expand your dairy farm, partner with F&M. We have farming in our name.

Dairy Farm Loans.

Whether you are new to dairy farming or a long-established farmer, you can apply for a dairy farm loan amount that suits the size and needs of your operation. Dairy farm financing can be used for a range of improvements including:

  • Purchase dairy cattle to start your farm, add to your herd, or experiment with different breeds
  • Purchase new milking station equipment
  • Set up a high-tech automatic feeding station
  • Switch from conventional to organic dairy farming
  • Refinance an existing dairy farm loan or related debt at a better rate and terms

Dairy Farm Construction Loans.

This type of dairy farm financing can be used more specifically to build, renovate, or expand your dairy farm. Typical projects include:

  • Purchase farmland to establish or expand a dairy operation
  • Construct a new barn, milking shed, or other essential farm building

However, our only limit is your imagination. Let F&M help you build the dairy farm you envision, whether that means a larger operation or a small, organic farm.

Contact our dairy farm lending team today.

F&M offers flexible loan options and competitive rates and terms on all of our dairy farm loans. Contact our lending team today to discuss your needs and goals for your dairy farm.