Poultry Farm Financing

Turkey farms are a big part of the agriculture industry in the Shenandoah Valley communities we serve. And since F&M has been around for more than a century, we’ve come to know a lot about poultry farming. Unlike national turkey farm lenders, we are invested in the communities that come to us for financing. Your success contributes to the growth of the local economy, which is where we do all of our business. Across Augusta, Page, Rockingham, and Shenandoah counties, F&M is your local source for poultry farm loans and financing.

Poultry and turkey farming can be more reliably profitable than other types of agriculture businesses. For one thing, Americans produce an annual demand for turkey meat on Thanksgiving, and many consume it throughout the year as a healthier alternative to red meat. Turkeys grow fast, so they are ready for slaughter in less time than other livestock. This reduces the cost of raising a turkey and ensures a quick turnaround time to profiting from your investment. When it’s time to sell your turkeys, you can contract with a larger meat company or sell some of your meat locally at a farmer’s market or supermarket co-op. Likewise, chicken farming can bring in a steady income when you contract with a big poultry company.

What are Poultry Farm Loans?

Before you can get started in poultry farming, there are some considerable upfront costs. Just building the poultry houses can cost around one million dollars. F&M’s poultry farm loans are designed to help you establish your operation and reinvest when you need to. Our support is more than financial; we are a part of your community and care about your success. Some of the most popular uses of poultry farm loans include:

  • Purchase new birds to get started or replenish your flock
  • Rent or lease new equipment such as a tractor
  • Provided needed cash flow to purchase supplies or pay for additional labor and repairs
  • Build new houses for your chickens, turkeys, or other poultry
  • Buy the land and structures you need to establish or expand your farm
  • Refinance an existing poultry farm loan or associated debt for a better rate and terms

Contact our poultry farm financing team today.

As a community bank, F&M offers flexible loan options, swift and local decision-making, and competitive rates and terms on all of our poultry farm loans. Contact our lending team today to discuss your vision for your poultry farm. We’ll help you identify the financial products that can best help you realize your business goals.