Protect your card anytime, anywhere with card management features in online and mobile banking.

Debit and credit card fraud is prevalent, but minimizing the aftermath is simpler with card management controls in online banking and mobile banking. Guard against potential fraud and protect your accounts with a multitude of card controls.

Sign on to your F&M Bank online or mobile banking account and click on the Card Management card. Then, click on the account(s) you would like to manage. Once you have chosen the account, you have multiple options to manage your card and choose notification settings.

Note: To setup Travel Notices or Organize your Dashboard, click on the three dotted row at top right of the page.

Accessing debit card controls in online banking

Flip the switch: turn your card on/off

Switch card off and on at your discretion by clicking on the green toggle button. Turning off your card gives you peace of mind should you lose your card, even after banking hours. Not to mention the ease of turning it back on when you find it between the seat and console in your car.

Card services

Click into Alerts and protection to set unique controls and alerts for each card holder on the account, including:

  • By Locations (block international transactions)
  • By type of Merchant
  • By Transaction Type
  • By Transaction Amount

Click on Report lost/stolen to request card deactivation

Click on Reorder card to request a replacement card

toggle button to turn card on and off

Custom Controls

Within Alerts and protection, you will see Notification settings. Choose Manage to change your notification preferences to in-app message, email, text, or all three.

Card transaction notification settings

Choose Locations to block international transactions and to be notified about international transactions through text or email alerts.

Restricting locations for debit card usage

Choose Merchant types to be notified about—or to block—transactions made at the following types of merchants.

Restrict card access by merchant

Choose Transaction types to be notified about—or to block—the following types of transactions.

restrict card usage by transaction type

Choose Spending limits to assign transaction limits and monthly limits. Choose to be notified about—or deny—purchases once your monthly threshold has been reached. On this screen, you can also choose to be notified about—or to block—transactions made above your designated transactional threshold.

set bank account spending limits

Questions? Reach out to Customer Support in the Messages feature in online banking and mobile banking.

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