Accelerated Acceptance Pre-Approval

You’re ready to shop for homes, but competition is fierce.

Accelerated Acceptance Pre-Approval can give you the competitive edge you need! It takes the traditional pre-approval to the next level. you’ll know the exact amount you can borrow that is already verified by our underwriting team. This means you can get fully credit approved before you find a property and be able to shop with confidence, present a stronger offer, and close on a property faster.

Accelerated Acceptance Pre-Approval gives you an advantage over other homebuyers because most lenders only review files when you have a purchase contract. With F&M’s AAP, your loan is underwritten before your agent writes an offer on your next home. That’s right, we underwrite your complete credit, income, and asset profile BEFORE you find a home.

Terms and conditions apply. This is not a loan commitment. All information must be verified prior to loan approval.

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