Glenna Lawhorn

Assistant Vice President; Commercial Relationship Manager

After growing up in Estaline Valley, when I was 10 years old my family relocated to Craigsville. My father bought a local restaurant in town, and I had the opportunity to start helping out at a young age. Working at the restaurant opened lots of doors for me and actually helped me get my start in the banking industry. Employees of the bank next door frequented the restaurant and opened my eyes to the industry.

I have now been in banking over 40 years, and I love serving the people of Augusta County and helping the families that I grew up with. I know most everyone that banks with me – we were raised together, went to school together, played together, etc.

As a manager, my goal is to make sure my branch is giving our customers our full attention. We care about them, and we let them know it! We have community events, and we volunteer any chance we can. Outside the bank, I’m also involved in the community as I sit on the Craigsville Community Development Committee, Craigsville Cemetery Committee, and Goshen Baptist Cemetery Committee. I’m also an active member of Goshen Baptist Church and operate a few local side businesses.