Online banking platform shown on desktop

How to Open a New Account Online


Open a browser and navigate to

If you are an F&M Bank customer with an online banking user ID and password, enter that information at the top right to login.

If you need to enroll in online and mobile banking, choose Enroll in Online Banking directly beneath the login portal.

Step 1 to enroll in online banking from a computer








Enter your User ID and password to login to online banking and open your new account.

Setup Online Banking step 2










Please note, for security purpose, two-factor authentication is required. A temporary passcode by text message, phone call, or by Authy app if previously installed.

Setup Online Banking step 4












Click once on the three dotted button at top right (…)

Choose Add an account and on the next screen, click on Open an Account.


Step 4 to open a new account











If you do not have an F&M Bank account, choose New Account to get started.

If you are an F&M Bank customer, choose Existing Customer to get started.

Apply Today New Account Instructions









Please note: After 15 minutes of inactivity, the process will time out for your security.


On the next screen, click on Personal.

Type of Account_Personal option








Here, you will choose your preferred banking location along with the account you would like to open: Checking, Savings, Money Market or CD. You are only a few steps away from your new account!

Getting Started Open an Account step 1












Be sure to click the + sign to choose your debit card option.


Getting started open an account step 2







On the next screens you will enter your personal information, contact details, joint account, and beneficiary status, and upload a photo of your Driver’s License or State Issued Photo ID. If you are a current F&M Bank customer, some of the information will auto-fill for your convenience.

Getting Started Open an Account step 3









Once you complete the steps listed above, you will be prompted to review disclosures, and electronically sign to approve your new account.

Getting Started Open an Account step 4








Within two business days, you will receive a confirmation email from F&M Bank. If no action is taken, you will receive a reminder email after ten days.

Congratulations on your new F&M Bank account! We value your business!