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Meet Your Lender: Erica Deluhery

Meet Your Lender: Erica Deluhery


Meet Erica Deluhery, the newest member of our commercial lending team; a history buff, a world traveler, and a champion for our local businesses.


“I consider myself an accidental banker. I was actually on my way to becoming a teacher. I come from a family of teachers and thought that was my career path. Took a job at the local community bank in Waynesboro, and fell in love with it. I have a passion for working with people and here I am today.

My favorite part of my role here at F&M is working with all types of people, learning about different businesses, figuring out how to help, whether it’s consultative or assisting, structuring a certain loan for a customer. The team here at F&M is phenomenal. Everyone works together and wants to pitch in and help. It’s not an “I”, it’s a “we”.

So if I could have lunch with anyone in history, it would be Winston Churchill. I am a history major with World War II being my favorite heir to study. My family is from Scotland, my dad was born there and we travel to the UK regularly.  I would love to just sit down and pick his brain and how he’s went through that difficult time. One song that I will always sing along with would be Elton John’s Candle in the Wind.”