Netteller Password Self-Reset Instructions

Password Self-Reset Instructions

Anticipate Forgetting Your Password (PIN)
It happens to many of us! But you can reset your Online Banking password yourself if you have forgotten it, or you’re not sure if you remember it correctly.

Please note: If you try the incorrect password three times you will “lock” your account and will need to contact us to release it.

Here are the steps for this process:

1) Set up the reset capability ahead of time: Log into Online Banking as usual, and go to the Options tab.

You will see two lines:
PIN Reset Question
PIN Reset Answer

Create your own question and answer. These will be used to identify you if you ever want to reset your PIN.
For example, your question and answer could be something like:
Q – What is my favorite animal? A – dog
Click “submit”

Now you have the capability of self-resetting your PIN any time you are in doubt, without logging into Online Banking.

OK, you’ve forgotten your password, or you’re not sure you remember it correctly!

1) Go to the usual login page and enter your ID (or alias that you have created)

2) To the right of the PIN entry box you’ll see the text “Reset Password.” Click on this text.

3) You will next see a screen asking for your Online Banking ID (or alias), the e-mail address you have on file via Online Banking; and a subject line that you create.

4) You will then receive an email alert from with wording as follows:

“You have requested that your Internet Banking PIN be restored. To confirm this request, please click here.”
This link will be valid for two hours.

5) After following the “click here” link you will be directed to enter your Online Banking ID and the answer to your security question. Be sure to click this link within two hours, as it will expire.

6) Once done, the PIN will reset to the last 4 digits of your tax ID# (Social Security number). You can then begin the process of logging in again using these 4 digits as your PIN, and then create a new PIN of your choosing.