A Driving Force in Agriculture’s Future

Agriculture stands as a cornerstone of the Valley’s economy, contributing significantly to its growth and prosperity. An essential aspect of sustaining this vital industry is fostering the involvement of the younger generation. Friday, August 18, F&M Bank had the privilege of participating in the Market Animal Show & Sale at the 75th Annual Rockingham County Fair, making a resounding statement of support for individual exhibitors and the broader agricultural community. The event was not only a celebration of hard work and dedication but also a reminder of the critical role youth play in shaping the future of agriculture.

A Driving Force in Agriculture’s Future

The Market Animal Show & Sale was a testament to the immense value that youth participation brings to the world of agriculture. Eight exceptional individuals – Jamie Humes, Nolan Driver, Kenley Rhodes, Aden Bazzle, Kolton Hoover, Sawyer Wilkins, Allison Rhodes, and Kaley Runion – showcased their commitment and expertise by presenting animals that represented months of hard work, dedication, and learning. We were proud to support these individuals by purchasing their animals. The active involvement of these young exhibitors demonstrates how the agricultural industry can be rejuvenated and fortified through their passion and enthusiasm.


Collaborative Efforts

We would like to thank Integrity Insurance (Brian Showalter – Ag Board), G&M Sales of Virginia, Inc. (Rick Reeves – Ag Board) and Kim Showalter (Ag Board) for their partnership this year in purchasing animals.  We would also like to thank Matt Robinson – F&M Investments for contributing to our efforts as well! The support extended by these organizations showcases a collective commitment to nurturing the Valley’s agricultural legacy.


A Testament to Youth’s Dedication

The heartening results of the Market Animal Show & Sale speak volumes about the dedication of the youth exhibitors and the community’s willingness to support them. With a total of 267 young exhibitors and a staggering 655 animals marketed, the event raised over $1,080,000 in funds. These numbers underscore the resilience of the agricultural industry and the potential for growth when individuals, businesses, and the youth unite for a common cause.

Looking into the Future

The Market Animal Show & Sale at the 75th Annual Rockingham County Fair encapsulates the spirit of unity, dedication, and collaboration needed to secure the Valley’s agricultural future. The Bank’s participation, alongside the support of organizations and individuals, sends a powerful message: youth involvement is the bedrock on which a thriving agricultural community is built. By recognizing and nurturing the potential within our young exhibitors, we collectively sow the seeds of prosperity that will sustain the Valley’s economy for generations to come.