Students Spend Day Learning About Banking

by Megan Williams, Daily News Record

During March, area high school seniors will spend time shadowing bankers at F&M Bank as part of Bank Day, a statewide effort sponsored by the Virginia Bankers Association’s Education Foundation and the VBA Emerging Bank Leaders.

The purpose of the day is to expose students to the banking industry and provide an opportunity for the students to learn about banking, financial services and the role F&M Bank plays in its community.

On Thursday, a group of 10 students from area high schools learned about different jobs at F&M Bank in Timberville.

A few of the students were there because they want to go into some aspect of banking some day, while others said they wanted to learn about financial responsibility and familiarize themselves with how banks work.

Students learned about tellers, loan officers, brokers, collections agents, information technology and security, and outreach, and how all of those different areas are part of F&M Bank, which employs more than 200 people in the area.

“A lot of the students come in and don’t know a lot about what we do,” said Aaron Green, senior vice president and commercial relationship manager. “Banks all over the commonwealth are doing this. Our model is probably a little different. We want to expose them to all areas of the bank.”

Autumn Slifer, a senior at Broadway High School, said she wants to go into banking, most likely as an accountant.

“I know a lot of people in the banking field,” Slifer said.

Even so, there were a lot of areas of banking she was unfamiliar with before Thursday, especially the security and technology aspects of the industry.

“It was definitely worth the time,” said Slifer, who plans to attend Blue Ridge Community College in the fall.

Abby Olmstead, also a senior at Broadway High School, said she enjoyed getting to meet the people behind different banking jobs who you wouldn’t see on a daily basis.

“It’s really popular to vilify banking,” Olmstead said, “but they are real people.”

Contact Megan Williams at 574-6272, @DNR_Learn or

Insights from Paul Eberly – Shenandoah Valley’s Agribusiness Resource

Photo of Paul EberlyPaul E. Eberly, Vice President – Agricultural & Rural Programs Leader
2030 Legacy Lane, Harrisonburg, VA 22801
NMLS# 1060550

Question: Describe your experience in the ag industry.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Animal & Poultry Science from Virginia Tech, with a Minor in Agricultural & Applied Economics. I worked for Farm Credit for nearly 14 years prior to joining the bank; 8 years as Corporate Credit Analyst completing credit analysis and developing solutions for customers in an Agribusiness Unit, 4  years as Regional Sales & Lending Manager overseeing an 8 person lending team focused on Commercial Agriculture (farming) loans in a region between Lexington, Halifax and Abingdon, VA, and 2 years as Director of Risk & Reporting where I was tasked with improving the organization’s data reporting and management, as well as portfolio risk management. I have worked with and financed all aspects of agriculture in Virginia, from tobacco to dairy, agribusiness to poultry, agritourism to beef and everything in between.


Question: How would your ag clients describe you?

Someone that always returns phone calls and is extremely accessible. A problem solver that looks at the long range goals of the farm to design financing that meets the client’s short term needs and long term goals. Knowledgeable regarding agriculture and the relationship between how production changes can impact financial results and vice versa.


Question: How would your family describe you?

Driven to succeed in whatever I do, but also outgoing, warm, and friendly.


Question: What’s most important to you professionally and/or personally?

I feel I have been blessed with a strong understanding of credit, finance, accounting etc. and how they can impact an agricultural operation. I feel it is my calling to use the abilities I have been blessed with to serve the agribusinesses and farmers in our community.  This is very important to me, and I consider myself lucky to do this in the Shenandoah Valley where I was born and raised!


Question: Do you personally volunteer or support any charitable organizations?

I am a member of Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church, volunteer at my children’s schools, and plan to join and be active in the West Rockingham Ruritans club.


Question: What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Listening to a producer to gain an understanding of their short and long term needs and goals, developing a solution that meets their wishes and seeing them succeed over the long run! The fact that I now get to do this in my own community makes it that much sweeter!


Question: From your experience working in ag over the years, what’s your top advice for seasoned ag businesses owners? How about for young farmers?

For seasoned producers:

Understand your cost of production! This is critical in every aspect of agricultural or agribusiness production. Understanding your costs on a per lb., per cwt. or other per unit basis will enable you to make crucial decisions better

When you are growing, beware of growing too fast! Often times, we have the ability to increase production / sales, but growing too fast can leave you in a working capital pinch.  As hard as it is, sometimes the best thing you can do during aggressive expansion is to take a year off and let your balance sheet catch up to your growth!

If the next generation is interested in taking over your operation, early is never early enough in terms of transition planning. Make sure that your vision for their future aligns with their interests.  Nothing is more encouraging to the next generation than including them at a younger age in the decision making process!

For young producers:

Sometimes, starting small, whether it is renting a facility or ground to operate on is a great option to get started. Do not feel like you have to be able to “buy the operation” out of the gate.

There is a multitude of assistance and information out there to help you get started – whether it is Virginia Cooperative Extension, USDA or other services, if you make the right contacts and ask the right questions, you would be surprised at who is willing to help you out!


Question: What trends are you anticipating for the ag industry in the year ahead?

I shy away from being a prognosticator on agriculture! One thing that I do believe will continue is the consolidation within agriculture.  However, I do believe that there are many smaller operations that will continue to be successful and profitable.  While larger operations can take advantage of economies of scale, smaller operations are easier to adjust and diversify.

It might not all happen in the next year, but the trend in agriculture is that farmers are going to have to become more like businessmen in the future. Every decision needs to be made after careful consideration of the impact to the bottom line, not only this year, but beyond.  Farmers in the future will have to be agronomists, bookkeepers, nutritionists and sometimes weathermen among many others to be successful!


Do you have a question for Paul?

For all things related to agricultural and rural community programs across the Shenandoah Valley, Paul is your resource. He can be reached directly at 540-217-6410 or Make sure to look for Paul as he visits our farming communities in Rockingham, Page, Augusta, and Shenandoah counties.


PRESS RELEASE: F&M Bank Welcomes Paul Eberly as Vice President, Agricultural and Rural Programs Leader

PRESS RELEASE: F&M Bank Welcomes Paul Eberly as Vice President, Agricultural and Rural Programs Leader

For Immediate Release

Photo of Paul Eberly

January 16, 2019 | Timberville, VA ‐‐ F&M Bank is pleased to welcome Paul Eberly as Vice President, Agricultural and Rural Programs Leader to its growing organization. Paul brings with him over 13 years of experience in agricultural lending, sales, and credit within the Farm Credit System. Paul will use his expertise to meet the needs of F&M Bank’s agricultural and rural customers in each of its market areas.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with F&M Bank to be a financial partner for our farming and rural communities.  As the state’s largest agricultural production region, the Shenandoah Valley deserves a financial partner who understands their needs and has a history of over 110 years of building relationships and reinvesting in the community,” said Mr. Eberly.

Raised in Dayton with strong ties to the agricultural community, Paul now resides in Singers Glen with his wife Whitney and four children. Paul is a member of Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church and enjoys spending time with his family on their land. Please look for Paul as he visits our farming communities and seeks input into how F&M Bank can better serve their financial service needs.

About F&M Bank

F&M Bank serves the Shenandoah Valley with 13 full-service branches, a network of ATMs, and a wide variety of financial services including home loans through F&M Mortgage and titling services through VS Title. Both individuals and businesses find the organization’s local decision-making, and up-to-date technology provide the kind of responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable service that only a progressive community bank can. F&M Bank has grown to over $770 million in assets and boasts over 175 full and part-time employees. Its conservative approach to finances and sound investments, along with excellent customer service, has made F&M Bank profitable and continues to pave the way for a bright future.


The F&M Bank Guide to the Best Nonprofit Resources in the Shenandoah Valley and Beyond!

At F&M Bank, community has always come first. We understand the valuable role nonprofits play in creating thriving towns and communities. That’s why we encourage our employees to support local causes and, as a company, F&M donates time and resources to local charities and events. We are proud to have the top spot in deposit share for Harrisonburg-Rockingham County, and we also strive to be the top bank for nonprofit organizations across the Shenandoah Valley. In that vein, we created this comprehensive directory of nonprofit resources to support your organization. From free nonprofit resources to member organizations, you’ll find it all in our best-of list. If you’re looking for a nonprofit bank account, we can help with that, too!

County-level Resources for Nonprofits

In honor of our 110th anniversary in 2018, F&M Corp. donated money to three local community foundations, each featured in this section. The donor-advised funds will provide gifts to community organizations. Other highlights from the year include our sponsorship of a Habitat for Humanity home build nine F&M employees’ involvement with United Way’s Day of Caring. We are grateful for these opportunities to bring our community closer together and strengthen the nonprofit organizations doing important work in the Shenandoah Valley.

Rockingham County

Rockingham County

  • The Great Community Give: An initiative of The Community Foundation, April 17th is “a single day of giving to partnered local nonprofits.” F&M Bank is proud to be a featured sponsor of this important event. You can sign up to be a partnered nonprofit here.

Page County

Page County

  • Luray-Page County Chamber of Commerce: Represents local businesses and non-profit organizations. Member benefits include networking events, free advertising, educational resources, and more.

Shenandoah County

Shenandoah County

  • Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Council: A supportive organization for nonprofits to help them grow and connect with the community they serve. Take advantage of the committee’s networking events, such as the Community Volunteer Fair during National Volunteer Week in April. The Nonprofit Council also offers educational presentations, resource sharing, and advocacy on behalf of Shenandoah County’s nonprofit community.
  • Shenandoah Community Foundation: The motto of this Woodstock-based organization is “Connecting people who care with causes that matter.” They support nonprofits in Shenandoah County and surrounding communities by offering grants and endowment management.

Augusta County

Augusta County

State-level Resources for Nonprofits in Virginia

VA nonprofit resources

Our statewide directory includes free online resources for nonprofits, grant resources for nonprofits, and more.

  • ConnectVA: A Richmond-based organization dedicated to a thriving nonprofit community. Use their educational resources, list your nonprofit in the directory, and connect with other nonprofit professionals in the discussion forum. There is even an “Item Exchange” page that works like a Freecycle group specifically for nonprofits. Have a piece of office equipment you no longer use? Looking for something? Trade furniture and equipment here.
  • The Planning Council: Headquartered in Norfolk, The Planning Council can help human services-focused nonprofits with data, research, and grants. Use the contact form on their Community Engagement Services page.
  • Virginia Grants: Search for a state grant that matches your field of interest. Opportunities include alcohol education and prevention, land and water conservation, wildlife protection, Civil War battlefields, community services, and more.

Bonus: National and Online Resources for Nonprofits

Other Nonprofit Resources

Stay rooted in your community while leveraging nonprofit technology resources and other resources for nonprofit organizations from across the country.

  • Google Ad Grants: Qualifying nonprofits can use $10,000 in “in-kind Google Ads advertising every month.” When people search for organizations with similar missions, they’ll see your message. This helps you grow brand awareness and increase your donations and volunteers.
  • gov Assistance Listings: Search for federal government grants and other types of financial assistance for your nonprofit.
  • GrantSelect: Calling itself “the practical online grants resource,” you can search its platform for funding related to your project or mission.
  • Volunteer Match: Consider this LinkedIn for the nonprofit world. Potential volunteers can search for causes in their area (a search for Harrisonburg, VA, for example, returns a variety of results) and connect with related organizations to volunteer and donate. Join for $9.95/month.
  • Nonprofit Answer Guide: Operated by the Center for Nonprofit Management, this treasure trove of educational resources includes every topic you need to learn about to succeed in the nonprofit world. CNM also offers consulting, training, and coaching.
  • BoardSource: This membership program offers year-round support to help you improve your board and mission. Resources include downloadable tools and templates, networking, mentoring, and articles.
  • Alliance for Nonprofit Management: A nationwide group of nonprofit consultants and other professionals. Offers a full menu of events, resources, and programs, as well as an annual conference.
  • Techsoup: Purchase the tech you need at special discounts just for nonprofits.
  • Nonprofit Library: Join for free and get access to over 50 resources written by nonprofit professionals for nonprofit organizations.

Local Nonprofit Support from F&M Bank

F&M Bank Supports Nonprofits

As a longtime community bank, F&M has always been committed to supporting local nonprofits through time, resources, and convenient banking services. With our Local Promise Deposit Account Package, you’ll have access to convenience services, technology, treasury management, merchant services, and more. We’ve also partnered with the Shenandoah Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals to bring you the training resources and networking opportunities you’ve been looking for. Interested in opening a business non-profit checking account? Visit one of our convenient locations in Augusta, Page, Rockingham and Shenandoah counties or in the cities of Harrisonburg and Staunton to speak with a member of our team.

F&M Bank Participates in Scholarship Program

During March, Virginia high school seniors will have the opportunity to spend the day shadowing bankers at F&M Bank as part of Bank Day, a statewide effort sponsored by the Virginia Bankers Association (VBA) Education Foundation and the VBA Emerging Bank Leaders. The purpose of the day is to expose students to the banking industry and provide an opportunity for the students to learn about banking, financial services and the vital role F&M Bank plays in its community.

The third Tuesday in March was declared Bank Day by the Virginia General Assembly in 1991 and F&M Bank is proud to host students for this important program.  From their experience, participating students will write an essay for the chance to win a scholarship. Six regional scholarships of $2,500 each will be awarded, and from those six winners an overall statewide winner will be chosen. The statewide winner will receive an additional $5,000 scholarship – $7,500 in total. There will also be six honorable mention scholarships of $1,000 each. In all, twelve students will receive scholarships totaling $26,000.

During their visit, the students will visit various bank departments; learn about the loan process, the importance of good credit, the profile of a qualified borrower, appropriate etiquette during a job interview, how F&M Bank is involved in the community, the Federal Reserve System, payments, etc.

“Bank Day is one of the best short-term, hands-on experiences that a classroom teacher can offer their students—the opportunity to go inside the bank vault, to watch customer/bank officer interaction, to learn about the many services that banks offer, and to start the networking that often leads to part-time and summer jobs, scholarships, and a start on a career path in the financial world,” said Bruce Whitehurst, president & CEO of the Virginia Bankers Association.

F&M Bank will offer three different locations/dates for bank day shadowing*:

March 12th – F&M Bank Harrisonburg, 80 Cross Keys Road

March 14th –  F&M Bank Timberville, 205 S Main Street

March 19th – F&M Bank Staunton, 30 Gosnell Crossing

If interested in signing up for the program, click here.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Kelsey Dean, Marketing Specialist, at or 540-896-1741.

*Make up dates are scheduled in the event there is inclement weather. March 19th (Harrisonburg), March 20th (Timberville), and March 21st (Staunton).

Announcing The Virginia Food Truck Battle, Sponsored by F&M Bank

Looking for something fun to do over Labor Day weekend? Come to the 4th Annual Virginia Food Truck Battle on Sunday, 9/2.

Looking for something fun to do over Labor Day weekend? Come to the 4th Annual Virginia Food Truck Battle on Sunday, 9/2. Located at the Augusta Expo in Fishersville, VA, the festival features 18 food truck competitors, 8 local breweries and vineyards, a special kids area with entertainment and activities, live music, and artisan/craft vendors. Gates open at 12:30 pm for General Admission Tickets ($10 in advance or $15 at the door) and Beer Tasting General Admission Tickets ($25 and includes a tasting glass, 2 oz sample of the 6 competing beers, and a chance to vote for your favorite brew). If you don’t want to miss a thing, come at 11:30 with a VIP Ticket ($40 in advance or $45 at the door) to receive a sample from 6 of the competing food trucks, 6 beer tastings, and a chance to vote on your favorites from both categories. Children 6 and under are free with a ticket-holding adult.

International Cuisine From Across Virginia

Taste the best of Virginia–and the world–with this year’s diverse selection of food trucks.

Virginia Food Trucks

  • Pachamama Peru: This Charlottesville-based food truck serves Peruvian food made with local meats and produce.
  •  Mouth Wide Open: Also from Charlottesville, the American-inspired gourmet menu reflects the owners’ travels across the country.
  • El Chilango Mexican Food: Traveling to this year’s battle from Arlington, El Chilango’s Facebook page is filled with rave reviews of their tacos.
  • Sourdough Pizza Co.: Fresh, homemade pizza with a sourdough crust from Forest, VA.
  • Hops Kitchen: Based out of Waynesboro’s Basic City Brewery, they describe their menu as “everything but the kitchen sink.” You’ll find flavors from all over the world and the country.
  • Moe’s Original BBQ: With Alabama roots and a headquarters in Charlottesville, Moe’s makes Southern-style barbecue sandwiches and platters.
  • 106 Street Food: This isn’t your grandfather’s street food! 106 serves high quality, freshly made sandwiches with locally sourced ingredients. They also hail from Charlottesville.
  • Sallie’s Kitchen: Soul food from Richmond, VA.
  • Master Sargent BBQ: This is another veteran-owned business serving up South Carolina-style barbecue from Southwest Virginia.
  • The Black Pearl: Fried and steamed seafood from Southeast Virginia.
  • Matchsticks BBQ: This barbecue truck from Williamsburg uses slow cooking to create authentic, wood-smoked barbecue.


Shenandoah Valley Food Trucks

Shenandoah Valley Food Trucks

We’re especially excited to cheer for these local small businesses.


  • Rocks Money Pit BBQ: This award-winning food truck from Greenville keeps their menu short and sweet with iconic barbecue sandwiches and sides.
  • Holy Smokes BBQ: This Waynesboro-based barbecue truck mixes classic and modern offerings in their menu.
  • Gloria’s Pupuseria: Salvadoran food from Staunton, VA
  • Breakfast Bus: A favorite of JMU staff and students, this Harrisonburg-based food truck serves breakfast sandwiches, empanadas, doughnuts, and more.
  • Grillzilla Pizza: Also from Harrisonburg, this food truck makes pizza from scratch with local ingredients.
  • Paella Perfecta: Welcome back another Harrisonburg gem and the 2017 winner of the The Virginia Food Truck Battle. Paella Perfecta serves authentic Spanish tapas and paella.
  • Chubbee Monkee: This veteran-owned food truck is based in Stuarts Draft, Augusta County, and serves cheesesteaks, steak burgers, and other American favorites.


All Proceeds Go To The MaDee Project

Proceeds benefit The Madee Project

What’s better than getting together for live music, tasty food, and refreshing brews? All of these things, PLUS the good feeling you get from knowing the event proceeds will benefit a worthwhile organization. The MaDee Project funds national research to find a cure for pediatric cancer. It also provides financial support to pediatric cancer patients and their families who need help with medical expenses and other costs related to cancer treatment and care. The Project operates in and serves families from Staunton, Augusta County, and Waynesboro. Here at F&M, we’re thrilled to support an event that will benefit a wonderful local cause .

Help Us Spread The Word!

May the tastiest truck win!

We hope to see you at The Virginia Food Truck Battle on September 2nd. It’s a great opportunity to mingle with and support the greater Shenandoah Valley community. As the oldest community bank in Rockingham County, we have a deep love for the Valley and its people, and we’re excited to sponsor this fun and charitable event. Help us spread the word by liking the Food Truck Battle’s Facebook page and inviting your friends.


F&M Bank Corporate Foundation Sponsors Habitat for Humanity Build

F&M Bank is excited to announce that the F&M Corporate Foundation will be sponsoring a Central Valley Habitat for Humanity home build this summer. The home will be located at 955 Roberts Court on the northside of Harrisonburg.

“The selection of the Central Valley Habitat for Humanity as a beneficiary of the F&M Corporate Foundation just made sense for our organization”, says F&M Bank President, Mark Hanna. “Habitat for Humanity is founded on generosity and bringing people together to empower and improve our community. We share a common commitment to helping families realize the American dream.”

F&M Bank is dedicated to being a positive force for change in the community, and this mindset is exemplified through employee volunteerism and leadership. This summer, employees of F&M Bank and F&M Mortgage will play an active role in the construction of the property and look forward to the hands-on involvement.

On June 24th at 3pm, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 955 Roberts Court, Harrisonburg. F&M Bank invites all community members to attend and join the celebration.  

About F&M Bank
F&M Bank serves the Shenandoah Valley with 13 full-service branches, a network of ATMs, and a wide variety of financial services. Both individuals and businesses find the organization's local decision-making, and up-to-date technology provide the kind of responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable service that only a progressive community bank can. F&M Bank has grown to over $750 million in assets and boasts over 160 full and part-time employees. Its conservative approach to finances and sound investments, along with excellent customer service, has made F&M Bank profitable and continues to pave the way for a bright future.

About F&M Mortgage
F&M Mortgage (NMLS #275173) is a true local mortgage company serving the community for almost 20 years. Their deep roots encourage employees to work even harder to make the community a great place to live. Friendly and knowledgeable mortgage advisors and in-house processing and underwriting give customers excellent service and local decision making. F&M Mortgage offers a full product line – from conventional loans to 100% financing – but it is the relationships with clients that matter most.


Ultimate Guide To Shenandoah Valley Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Cideries, And Events

Ultimate Guide To Shenandoah Valley Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Cideries, And Events
We hope you enjoy our comprehensive guide to Shenandoah Valley wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries. Find out where you can relax and have fun with a glass of your favorite wine, beer, spirit, or hard cider. Cheers!

The Shenandoah Valley is renowned for its natural beauty, which includes acres of farmland where many of the wineries and breweries on our list are located. The Valley is also home to charming small towns where you can enjoy a locally made craft brew with live music and food truck fare. From the independent city of Harrisonburg, home to James Madison University, to Shenandoah County’s hotbed of vineyards, there are endless opportunities to relax and have fun with a glass of your favorite wine, beer, spirit, or hard cider.

F&M Bank is a proud community bank with locations across the Shenandoah Valley including six in Harrisonburg and surrounding Rockingham County. We hope you enjoy our comprehensive guide to Shenandoah Valley wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries. Use it to plan a vacation, weekend outing, or check the dates of upcoming festivals. We love this region and love to support local businesses, many of which are family-owned. Many people say the Valley is a great place to raise a family and a great place to grow wine grapes, two occupations that can be very compatible as you’ll see from our list. Cheers!

Frederick County

Frederick County Map



James Charles Winery and Vineyards

4063 Middle Rd.

(540) 931-4386

Located in the picturesque rolling hills just outside of Old Town Winchester, this winery specializes in classic wines such as Riesling and Cabernet Franc, as well as newer grapes like Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah. You can experience a classic tasting of red and white wines, a seated tasting with food pairings, or picnic on the winery grounds. James Charles also features seasonal special events as well as weekly live music on Saturdays and Sundays, and wood-fired pizza from a local vendor on Friday nights.


Stephens City

Valerie Hill Vineyard and Winery

1687 Marlboro Rd.

(540) 869-9567

Valerie Hill takes its name from the early 19th century manor house on the 18 acre farm the winery is located on. They are open daily for wine tastings and purchases of wine by the glass or bottle, with a light weekend food menu Friday through Sunday. If you visit on the weekend you can also catch one of their live music performances or special events. Check the website for their current calendar.


Star Tannery

Cedar Creek Winery

7384 Zepp Rd.

(540) 436-8394

Nestled along the bank of Cedar Creek, this winery offers “estate bottled, handcrafted” Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay. The narrow focus allows for many personal touches, such as wine tastings with the owner on Sundays between 11-5, April through November. You can bring your own food to enjoy with the wine.



Alesatian Brewing Company

21 N Loudoun St.

(540) 667-2743

The family behind this brewery traces its heritage to the Alsace-Lorraine region in France, which is known for its brewers’ commitment to purity and authenticity. With these guiding principles, the Ritenour family offers a choice selection of brews on tap, accompanied by wood-fired pizzas, salads, and Roma appetizers.


Broken Window Brewing Company

14 W. Boscawen St.

(540) 860-0849

This nano brewery specializes in a variety of craft beers. They are open Wednesday-Sunday in downtown Winchester.


Escutcheon Brewing Company

142 W. Commercial St.

(540) 773-3042

Started by two friends with a shared love of beer, this brewery boasts a diverse selection of craft brews, from pilsners and IPAs to stouts. On Sundays they offer special pricing on growlers, and Thursday evenings you can enjoy live music at the brewery. They also offer tours by request. While there is no food menu, guests are welcome to bring their own grub, and Escutcheon sometimes partners with local food trucks.


Winchester Brew Works

320 N. Cameron St.

(540) 692-9242

This brand new (opened in 2016) 3-barrel nano brewery in Old Town is notable for being the only majority woman-owned brewery in Virginia. Guests can bring their own food to pair with the seasonal selections on tap such as a “Key Lime Shandy” for spring.



Backroom Brewery

150 Ridgemont Rd.

(540) 869-8482

This picturesque brewery is located on an herb farm, which provides some of the ingredients for the from-scratch food. With a pet-friendly policy and outdoor games to keep the kids amused, it’s a great place for families and everyone else to enjoy one of over 20 beer recipes in rotation.



Winchester Ciderworks

2504 N. Frederick Pike

(540) 686-7632

This cidery is the result of a partnership between a local Shenandoah Valley orchardist and an Englishman longing for the quality cider at home. The tasting room is open Friday through Sunday, and they occasionally offer orchard and cidery tours (check the website for current offerings). Winchester Ciderworks produces signature, barrel aged, and naturally fermented ciders.


Clarke County

Clarke County Map



612 Vineyard

864 Shepherds Mill Road

(540) 535-6689

Producing a wide array of red and white wines, from Chambourcin to Chardonnay, as well as seasonal varieties like their Raspberry Sangria, 612 Vineyard is a relaxing and scenic place to enjoy good wine and a picnic with family and friends. They also have special events such as live music and dog-centric days.


Veramar Vineyard

905 Quarry Rd.

(540) 955-5510

Visit their tasting room, open at noon every day of the year. You can also experience the Habana Terrace, Veramar’s outdoor cigar and wine lounge. Veramar also offers Friday and Saturday picnics, in which you can enjoy a full meal with your Veramar wine, as well as occasional tours by request.


Warren County

Warren County MapWineries

Front Royal

Chester Gap Cellars

4615 Remount Rd.

(540) 636-8086

Newly established in 2017, this “small Virginia estate winery” produces small batches of red and white wines, which you can sample in their tasting room, open Friday through Sunday from 11-6.


Glen Manor Vineyards

2244 Browntown Rd.

(540) 635-6324

The family that operates this winery has owned the farm it sits on since 1901, a history that led the state to recognize Glen Manor as a “Century Farm.” They established the original vineyards in 1995 and have been adding to it ever since. Glen Manor’s selection of wines includes Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Manseng, Morales Rose, Vin Rouge, Cabernet Franc, St. Ruth, Hodder Hill, Petit Verdot, and Raepheus. The winery is open Saturday through Monday for tastings and to sell wine by the glass or bottle. Only service dogs are allowed on the grounds. No food is served but you can bring your own.



Front Royal Brewing Co.

122 E. Main St.

(540) 631-0773

This brand new (not yet opened at the time of this writing) brewpub in downtown Front Royal celebrated their first day of brewing on April 26th. Check them out on Facebook to follow their progress and find out when they open.


Shenandoah County

Shenandoah County MapWineries


DeMello Vineyards at Third Hill

2110 Quicksburg Rd.

(540) 740-8464

This scenic winery in the heart of Shenandoah County offers a comfortable and homey experience. They invite visitors to “come and wine down” at a tasting, enjoy a glass (or share a bottle) of their delicious wine. Pack a picnic basket when you visit during the spring, summer and fall months to enjoy a lunch on their wrap-around porches or outdoor pavilion.



Muse Vineyards

16 Serendipity Ln.

(540) 459-7033

This boutique vineyard won the 2015 Virginia Governor’s Cup for its 2009 Clio, a Bordeaux-blend. The Muse Tasting Room is open Friday through Sunday with light food and snacks available for purchase in addition to the wine. Tours are available by appointment.



North Mountain Vineyard and Winery

4374 Swartz Rd.

(540) 436-9463

Experience the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley countryside while feeling like you’re a guest at a French chateau. North Mountain has been growing their grapes for over thirty years and you can purchase their wine by the glass or bottle, or through a tasting. Like James Charles, the expansive grounds at North Mountain are perfect for a picnic.



Shenandoah Vineyards

3659 South Ox Rd.

(540) 984-8699

Established in 1976, Shenandoah Vineyards is one of the Valley’s oldest wineries. Their tasting room is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10-5.


Wolf Gap Vineyard and Winery

123 Stout Rd.

(540) 984-3306

Taking its name from a geographical feature of the Great North Mountains, Wolf Gap Vineyard is a 48 acre estate producing small batches of rich red wines, a range of whites, and semi-sweet rosé and blueberry wines. Their tasting room is open Fridays through Mondays from 12-7 and on weekends only from 12-5 during winter months. Call ahead to schedule a private tour. You can also enjoy the new hiking trail and pond picnic area.


Mount Jackson

The Vineyards at Kindred Pointe

3575 Conicville Rd.

(540) 477-3570

This former horse farm produces a variety of wines, hard ciders, and sangria on tap. The tasting room is open Friday through Sunday and they also sell wine-themed merchandise.


Cave Ridge Vineyard

1476 Conicville Rd.

(540) 477-2585

Down the street from Kindred Point you’ll find Cave Ridge Vineyard. Open six days a week (they’re closed on Tuesdays), their tasting room sometimes features live music and other special events (check the calendar for upcoming attractions).



Mountain View Vineyard

444 Signal Knob Drive

(540) 635-5369

This boutique winery takes its name from its scenic position between Massanutten Mountain and the Shenandoah River. They don’t have fixed hours but you can schedule a tasting by appointment.




Woodstock Brewhouse

123 E. Court St.

(540) 459-BREW (2739)

This brewery takes great pride in the community, from naming itself after the town of Woodstock to restoring a historic former industrial building off of Main Street. Visit on a Thursday evening to enjoy live music, order food to accompany your beer on weekday evenings and Sundays, check out the barbecue restaurant that shares the same space, and taste the seasonal brew offerings.



Ridge Runner Farms and Brewing Company

6895 Back Rd.

(571) 201-2963

The name of this brewery (ridge runner means mountain farmer) honors the long history of farming in the Shenandoah Valley. As with the Backroom Brewery, Ridge Runner Farms grows ingredients for its brews as well as selling fresh produce and local products at its farm market. Choose between IPAs, ales, and stouts. There is also a bustling events calendar featuring live music, trivia nights, and other fun activities.



Swover Creek Farms Brewery

4176 Swover Creek Rd.

(540) 984-8973

Looking for a more family friendly taproom experience? Visit this combination farm, brewery, and brick oven pizza kitchen. There’s even a dog park for your canine family member(s). Trivia night happens on the third Thursday of the month.



Filibuster Distillery

50 Maurertown Mill Rd.

Maurertown, VA 22644

(202) 289-1414

Borrowing their approach from Scotland, this distillery produces whiskey and gin in small batches using wine barrels to obtain a fruity note in the flavor.


Page County

Page County MapWineries


River Hill Wine and Spirits

356 Ruffners Ferry Rd.

(540) 843-0890

Owned by a longtime Shenandoah Valley farming family, River Hill produces bourbon, corn whiskey, and country wine in small batches. You can visit the distillery Friday-Sunday to meet the owners and purchase spirits or wine as well as their meat products.


Faithbrooke Barn and Vineyards

267 Elgin Drive

(540) 743-1207

This new winery produces red and white grapes, with new varieties added each year. Visits are by appointment only; their focus seems to be more on weddings and events than tastings.


Castle Vineyards

2150 Mims Rd.

(571) 283-7150

This vineyard and tasting room is located on a working cattle farm. They currently serve wines from Barren Ridge Vineyards in Fishersville, but plan to expand their own grape growing this spring. Enjoy indoor and outdoor seating, cornhole boards, and cheese and meat trays available for purchase.



Wisteria Farm & Vineyards

1126 Marksville Rd.

(540) 742-1489

There are many fun and free events to experience at the Wisteria winery including live music and the opportunity to stomp grapes. You can also drop in for a tasting between 12-6 every day except Tuesday/Wednesday. The farm is home to free-range chickens and natural-colored Romney sheep, for your viewing or egg-and-yarn-buying pleasure.



Hawksbill Brewing Company

22 Zerkel St.

Luray, VA 22835

(540) 860-5608

Their slogan is “grown here, brewed here,” a reference to their commitment to use locally grown hops and other ingredients in their beers. In the warmer months there is a dog-friendly beer garden.


Rockingham County

Rockingham County MapWineries


Purple Wolf Vineyard

2644 Cross Keys Rd.

(540) 421-6345

This winery shares an owner with Cave Ridge Vineyard in Mount Jackson. Every week at Purple Wolf you can enjoy “Wine Down Wednesdays,” when the outside wine bar stays open until 7pm and you can enjoy live jazz music and complimentary pistachios with your wine.



Bluestone Vineyard

4828 Spring Creek Rd.

(540) 828-0099

Named after a type of limestone that is common in the soil, this winery bustles seven days a week with live music and other events, which you can experience indoors or outside, as you visit the hilltop tasting room.


Mount Crawford

CrossKeys Vineyards

6011 E. Timber Ridge Rd.

(540) 234-0505

The tasting room and bistro at this winery are open daily for wine flights, tastings, and food pairings. Established in 2001, CrossKeys offers a wider selection of wines than some of the newer vineyards in the area.



Brix & Columns Vineyards

1501 Dave Berry Rd.

(540) 421-0339

This one-year-old winery sprung up on a family farm once the owners realized the potential of their land. Visit their tasting room Wednesdays through Saturdays to sample their “fine collection of wines.”




Brothers Craft Brewing

800 N. Main St.

Harrisonburg, VA 22802

(540) 421-6599

As its name suggests, this brewery is run by three brothers who grew up in Harrisonburg. Open daily at 4pm during the week and at noon on weekends, Brothers Craft Brewing features live music and other events as well as different food trucks.


Pale Fire Brewing Company

217 S. Liberty St. #105

(540) 217-5452

Located in downtown Harrisonburg’s Ice House complex, Pale Fire is open daily. Special events include weekly trivia nights on Wednesdays and First Friday art openings. There is also a monthly book talk hosted by WMRA Public Radio.


Three Notch’d Brewing Company

241 E. Market St.

(540) 217-5939

Established in 2013, this brewery has lots of Virginia pride, with several locations in the commonwealth besides Harrisonburg.


Restless Moons Brewing Company

120 W Wolfe St.

(540) 217-2726

Formerly known as Wolfe Street Brewing Company before it reopened under new ownership in early 2018, the Restless Moons taproom is open six days a week and they are working on adding regular events to their calendar.



Old Hill Cider

17768 Honeyville Rd.

Timberville, VA 22853

(540) 896-7582

Calling itself The Shenandoah Valley’s original hard cidery, you can visit Old Hill’s tasting room to try their “artisan hard cider” or enjoy a family picnic on the beautiful orchard grounds. They also sell plants and a variety of local products.


Augusta County

Augusta County MapWineries

Ox-Eye Vineyards

44 Middlebrook Ave.

Staunton, VA 24401

(540) 849-7926

Visit their tasting room, open daily in the historic Wharf district of downtown Staunton. In addition to enjoying a glass of wine, you can peruse local art in the upstairs and downstairs galleries.


Barren Ridge Vineyards

984 Barren Ridge Rd.

Fishersville, VA 22939

(540) 248-3300

Formerly an apple orchard, this family-owned winery hosts live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Their tasting room is open daily, with extended hours during the summer.  Celebrate Independence Day with Barren Ridge’s annual Pork & Cork event. They also hold a Swedish Fire Festival annually in January.




Bedlam Brewing

2303 N. Augusta St.

(540) 416-4634

This “nanobrewery” produces Belgian and French-style farm ales as well as other seasonal brews that reflect local heritage. In their pub you can enjoy wood oven pizza with your beer as well as other menu items made with locally sourced ingredients.


Shenandoah Valley Brewing

103 West Beverley St.

(540) 887-BEER (2337)

This craft brewery serves pints, allows patrons to create their own beer flight, and fills any growler. No food is served on the premises but you can bring your own snack or meal.


Queen City Brewing

834 Springhill Rd.

(540) 213-8014

Their slogan, “Not just a Brewery. It’s an Experience!”, is illustrated by the robust events calendar (weekly open mics and live music nights), “eclectic menu” of beers, and rotating Friday night food trucks.



Stable Craft Brewing Company

375 Madrid Rd.

(540) 490-2609

Love horses and beer? This brewery combines those different passions. Originally a horse boarding farm, the owners added a taproom and restaurant. Visit to sample the food and beer, gaze at the horses, or stay overnight in one of their B&B suites. Stable Craft also hosts regular special events.


Basic City Beer Co.

1010 East Main St.

(540) 943-1010

The taproom is open six days a week with occasional live music, food truck visits, and recurring events such as trivia.


Seven Arrows Brewing Co.

2508 Jefferson Hwy #1

(540) 221-6968

Visit the taproom to sample one of their beers and order food from the Nobos kitchen, including Sunday brunch. There are many fun events to experience as well, such as cornhole tournaments and Saturday night live music.


Rockbridge County

Rockbridge County MapWineries

Rockbridge Vineyard

35 Hill View Lane

Raphine, VA 24472

(540) 377-6204

The tasting room is open daily with regular special events, such as “Uncorked Sundays” featuring live music and food trucks.



Devil’s Backbone Outpost Brewery and Tap Room

50, 3303 N Wind Ln

Lexington, VA 24450

(540) 462-6200

Experience a weekend brewery tour, special events, and pints in the tap room seven days a week.


Great Valley Farm Brewery

60 Great Valley Lane

Natural Bridge, VA 24578

(540) 521-6163

The tasting room is open five days a week (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). Look at their events page for upcoming live music and food truck visits.


Shenandoah Valley Alcohol Trails And Festivals

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of great local wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries? These four websites provide “trail” resources and maps to help you experience the best of the region in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

Festivals are another great way to experience a variety of local wineries and breweries in a fun atmosphere with music, food, craft sales and more.

Supporting Local Businesses Since 1908


As one of the oldest community banks in the Shenandoah Valley, F&M is proud to support and invest in local and family-owned businesses such as Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint in Harrisonburg. We take an active role in helping businesses buy property, meet expenses with lines of credit, and other essential services. Learn more about the ways in which a strategic partnership with F&M Bank can help you start or grow your business.

‘A Real Gift’: Hundreds Of Volunteers Tackle Projects At 26 Sites Across City, County

Nine F&M Bank employees added soil and planted a vegetable garden behind Mercy House, a nonprofit that shelters homeless families while helping them save for and find affordable housing, on North High Street.

‘A Real Gift’: Hundreds Of Volunteers Tackle Projects At 26 Sites Across City, County
By Ellie Potter, Daily News-Record


Jordan Dean of Elkton pours topsoil into a vegetable garden bed Wednesday
morning at Mercy House. Dean volunteered to spend his day planting the garden
along with eight others from F&M Bank for United Way’s Day of Caring.

Wednesday was a record-breaking day for the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County as 629 volunteers came out for the nonprofit’s annual Day of Caring.

Nearly 50 teams tackled 53 projects at 26 sites across the city and county with 175 more volunteers than last year, said Executive Director Laura Toni-Holsinger.

The event, which began in 1992, matches volunteers with various projects in the area, helping nonprofits, organizations and homeowners with yard work, maintenance and administrative work, among other things.

This year, the United Way sought a variety of projects for people of all ages and with different skills, Toni-Holsinger said, which likely helped attract more volunteers.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “It also is a testament to our local businesses, because a lot of these people are doing this on work time. It’s business leaders that are saying, ‘This is really important. Take a work day and go and serve.’”

Nine F&M Bank employees added soil and planted a vegetable garden behind Mercy House, a nonprofit that shelters homeless families while helping them save for and find affordable housing, on North High Street. Clients will eat the vegetables in the summer, said Shannon Porter, executive director of the nonprofit.

The crew also spread mulch around Mercy House’s playground.

The free labor “is huge,” Porter said, as the shelter’s staff don’t need to take time away from running the operation. Mercy House also doesn’t have the money to hire someone to complete the projects, he said.

“When someone is willing to donate their time and effort to us, it’s a real blessing,” Porter said. “It’s a real gift.”

Josh Hale, 41, of Harrisonburg, who has volunteered for the Day of Caring the last six or seven years, said he showed up at Mercy House on Wednesday to give back to the community and support people in need.

“It certainly helps all the organizations in the community with projects that they don’t have the resources to do,” he said. “A lot of nonprofits that are just getting by on a budget need additional help to get things done in the organization … so they can thrive.”

Kelsey Wakeman, 25, of Elkton, who also volunteered with the F&M Bank team, said they chose to work with Mercy House to support its mission.

“They work directly with families and housing children,” Wakeman said. “No child should ever have to go without a home. So, the cause just spoke to my heart.”

Toni-Holsinger said the day also connects people with nonprofits, perhaps introducing them to more volunteer opportunities.

“We’re just so grateful for the great response and having more than 600 people giving their time,” she said. “We really do hope that number can just go up.”

Jonah Pence (left) of Cross Keys, Josh Hale (center) of Harrisonburg and
Karla May of Rockingham County help plant the garden bed.

Holly Thorne of Harrisonburg shovels mulch to spread around Mercy House’s
playground on Wednesday.


A Staunton Relocation Guide: Here’s What You Need To Know For A Successful Move

Staunton is the Queen of the Shenandoah Valley

If you’re considering relocating to Staunton or have recently moved to the area, keep reading for everything you need to know about relocating to Staunton.

First settled in 1732, Staunton (pronounced Stann-tun), is a small city of about 24,000 people in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley region of Central Virginia. It is known as the birthplace of President Woodrow Wilson (as well as the site of his presidential library and museum). Staunton is also a college town, home to historic women’s college (and current co-ed university) Mary Baldwin University. The historic and vibrant downtown, stuffed with art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques, has won multiple travel awards.

As a place to live, there is lots to love about calling Staunton home. Choose between historic and more modern neighborhoods. Enjoy convenient access to all that the downtown scene offers, as well as a variety of highways for commuting to work and traveling to outer destinations. You’ll also enjoy all four seasons in Staunton, including hot summers and cooler winters that occasionally feature snow. If you’re considering relocating to Staunton or have recently moved to the area, keep reading for everything you need to know about relocating to Staunton.

What is the cost of living in Staunton?

According to the rankings from Sperling’s Best Places, Staunton’s cost of living is 89 out of 100, making it more affordable than the United States average. Staunton’s housing market, including homes for sale and rent, is the main contributor to its affordability. Currently, Trulia reports that the median listing price on houses in Staunton is $165,000. Property taxes are low, about one percent of a home’s assessed value. Median rents are about $350-$500 per bedroom, depending on the type of property and level of interior upgrading. In other cost of living factors, including food prices in area grocery stores, healthcare services, utilities, and transportation, Staunton ranks a little below the national average.

Staunton School Districts and Higher Education

The city of Staunton is served by one school district: Staunton City Schools. The district operates three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Additionally, Augusta County Public Schools has two Staunton locations: Riverheads Elementary and Beverley Manor Middle School.

Schools & Education in Staunton VA

There are several types of private schools in the Staunton area including:

  • Faith-based: CF Richards Christian School, Grace Christian School, Victory Baptist Academy, and Stuart Hall School.
  • Independent: Staunton Montessori School and Raw School
  • Special Education: Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind, Liberty Point Behavioral Healthcare
  • Alternative: Dixon Educational Center

Mary Baldwin University is one of the top employers in Staunton as well as its most well-known institution of higher education. Formerly a women’s college, MBU is now a growing co-ed university with undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Another local private school is Bridgewater College, a Christian liberal arts college in Bridgewater, VA.

Nearby Blue Ridge Community College, in Weyers Cave, offers affordable two-year degree and certificate programs. All Virginia residents are eligible for in-state tuition rates. James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, is the closest state university.

Neighborhoods in Staunton

Historic Preservation in Staunton VAStaunton’s communities can be broken into two main categories: historic and modern. In both types of neighborhoods you can find a single-family home with a yard, but the more recently built communities tend to have a “suburbs in the city” feel to them. Apartment and row home style living is also available within the six historic districts for those who prefer a more urban style of living. Here are a few examples from each category:


  • Gospel Hill: Adjacent to Mary Baldwin College, this neighborhood features a diverse collection of architectural styles and home sizes, all dating back to the 1800s and early 1900s.
  • Newtown: Centrally located downtown, this neighborhood is very walkable to anything you might want to do from shopping and dining to entertainment. It also features gorgeous historical homes in many different styles.

Suburban Feel

  • Baldwin Place: This recently constructed neighborhood of spacious cape cod and ranch homes comes with an HOA that takes care of lawn and snow maintenance. With proximity to major highways and downtown Staunton, living in Baldwin Place can give you “the best of both worlds.”
  • College Park: This community in northern Staunton spans the mid-late twentieth century with an appealing collection of cape cod, ranch, and cottage style homes.

Transportation and Infrastructure

For a small city, Staunton is unusually well-served by transportation options. Whether you need to get around the city by public transit or you’re planning a trip to another city or state, you can choose between trains, buses, planes, and cars.

Getting In and Out of Staunton

  • Staunton has an Amtrak station in the downtown with thrice-weekly service on the Cardinal line, a long-distance route between New York and Chicago.
  • In 2017, Virginia launched a new intercity bus program called The Virginia Breeze, with service between Blacksburg, VA, and Washington, D.C., including a stop in Staunton.
  • The closest airport to Staunton is Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport in nearby Weyers Cave.
  • Motorists have plenty of highway options to choose from: I-81, I-64, Route 262, and US 250 and 11.

Public Transit Within Staunton

  • The BRITE Bus, with fixed route and on-demand service, is the main public transit option in Staunton and surrounding Shenandoah Valley towns. BRITE also operates the downtown trolley with stops at historic locations as well as North & West loops to connect downtown Staunton with outer neighborhoods.

Setting Up Local Utilities

One of the most onerous moving tasks is switching utility accounts. Here’s contact info for Staunton’s water company, electric service, and Internet, as well as a guide to trash and recycling pickup. You can just go down the list to make the calls easier and faster.

  • The City of Staunton provides water and sewer service. Call the Public Works Department at (540) 332-3892 to set up a new account. No deposit is required of homeowners, but tenants will need to put down $135 for a refundable deposit and (nonrefundable) rental property processing fee.
  • Staunton is served by two electricity providers: Dominion Energy and Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative. To set up service with DE, you can register online. Security deposits are required of new customers and you will also pay a $15 connection fee on your first bill. To join the co-op, call SVEC at 1 (800) 234-7832. You’ll pay a $5 membership fee and a deposit may be required, depending on the results of their evaluation.
  • Comcast is the only cable/Internet provider in Staunton. Call 1 (800) 934-6489 to transfer service on an existing account or open a new one.
  • Trash and recycling are collected once a week on the same day. Consult this map to find the pickup day for your neighborhood.

Healthcare Services For People and Pets

Healthcare Services in Staunton VA

In Staunton and the surrounding metro area, the Augusta Health network is the main healthcare provider for both hospital and physician services. Anthem, Inc. is the main health insurer for the individual market. Employer healthcare may also be provided by Aetna, United Healthcare, and Optima Health. Here is a directory of Staunton healthcare services for some of the most popular needs:

Parks and Recreation

Staunton is a wonderful place to enjoy nature, stay active, and learn something new. Home to many beautiful parks and playgrounds such as Gypsy Hill (also home to a public golf club) and Reservoir Hill Park, Staunton also has two community pools with very inexpensive per diem admission rates. For kids, the Staunton-Augusta YMCA operates the Amberjax Swim team for both novice and experienced swimmers.

A variety of activities and classes for people of all ages are available through the Parks and Rec department. There’s also a wide range of athletic leagues for youth and adults. Every September you can take part in Staunton’s African-American Heritage Festival, the largest of its kind in the Shenandoah Valley region.

Parks, Golf Courses & Hiking in Staunton VA

Lifestyle and Cultural Attractions

There is truly something for everyone in Staunton, from art lovers, amateur historians, window shoppers, craft beer aficionados, and more. In addition to these year round entertainment options, Staunton hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year.

Local Media

Watch, listen or read–there are plenty of ways to catch up on local news and find out what’s happening in Staunton.


  • ABC on Channel 3 broadcasts from Harrisonburg
  • Fox on Channel 5 is out of Washington, DC.
  • CBS on Channel 6 and NBC on Channel 12 come from Richmond-Petersburg.
  • The local PBS station, broadcast from Harrisonburg, is WVPT


  • WQSV 106.3 FM is a non-profit radio station playing a variety of vintage and modern music.
  • Mix 93.1 is “The Valley’s 80s to Now” station.
  • Star 94.3 plays classic rock.
  • ESPN 1240 AM brings you ESPN sports news.
  • Public radio on 90.7 brings you news from NPR and local programming as well as classical music (WEMC).

Blogs, Newspapers and Magazines

Community Banking with F&M

Last but not least, if you’ve recently moved to Staunton, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to bank. F&M has a long local history of commitment to serving and investing in Shenandoah Valley communities. Call us or visit one of our two branches in Staunton: North Augusta Street and Myers Corner. You’ll find a friendly group of employees ready to answer your questions about getting a mortgage, taking out a personal loan or business loan, or opening one of our high interest checking and savings accounts.

F&M Bank has served residents of the Shenandoah Valley for more than 100 years.