Every business needs the opportunity to convert idle cash into an interest-bearing asset. With a Business Savings Account from F&M Bank, you’ll be ready for the next unexpected expense or opportunity to expand your company. In the meantime, you can invest excess business funds and get a return to add to your bottom line.

All Farmers and Merchants savings accounts are insured by F.D.I.C.

Compare Business Savings Accounts

Whether you want a basic savings account to start the habit of putting money away without pressure to maintain a high average balance, or you’re looking for a way to earn interest while having access to many of the same functions of a checking account, compare our business savings accounts to find the right one for your company.

Money Market Account

Looking for a way to save that includes check-writing privileges when you need them? With F&M’s Money Market Account, Money Market Savings Plus, your interest rate increases as your balance grows. Up to six transfers are allowed per statement cycle to another account or to third parties. These can be by check, draft, authorized debit, telephone transfer, ACH, or debit card.

Premium Business Savings Accounts

Start putting money away for a rainy day, regardless of your business’s size or assets. With an opening deposit of only $10—which is also the minimum balance needed to earn interest—F&M’s Premium Business Savings Accounts are perfect for small businesses and non-profits (which are exempt from service charges).

Business Certificate of Deposit (CD)

FDIC- Expanded Coverage up to $50 Million

FDIC Insurance coverage is an important benefit of banking with Farmers & Merchants Bank. You can rest assured that your deposits are safe and secure. Click here to visit the FDIC website and learn more about how your deposits are insured.

Some customers need more coverage than the $250,000 per bank provided by FDIC. Farmers & Merchants Bank provides full FDIC insurance coverage up to $50 million through participation in the CDARS network for bank CD’s (Certificate of Deposit Registry Service). You don’t need to open accounts at multiple banks for expanded coverage; open all your accounts here and simplify your finances. Click here to learn all about CDARS.

Learn More About F&M’s Business Savings Account Options

Contact us today or stop by your local branch in Augusta, Page, Rockingham, or Shenandoah County. From Harrisonburg to Staunton, and across the Shenandoah Valley, our Business Savings accounts can help your company get ready for everything tomorrow brings.