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Did you know that F&M Bank offers a competitive, all-in-one business solution that can simplify your day-to-day operations? Meet Clover™— an innovative product that can accept payments, help you engage with your consumers, track inventory, manage employees, and launch loyalty programs.

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What is Clover?

F&M Bank partners with First Data to bring you Clover, a single POS system that can meet the ever-changing needs of modern small business owners. Choose the option that best aligns with the way you do business: Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, or Clover GO.

What types of businesses use Clover?

The short answer is that any and all kinds of businesses can use Clover. If you’re looking for the best point of sale system for restaurants, grocery stores, retail, food trucks, bars, hair salons, or any other type of small business, Clover has a solution that will fit your needs⸺and your budget.

One Platform To Do It All

Business owners can customize Clover with a full suite of integrated business management apps. And with the addition of the First Data™ FD40 device, owners will be prepared for chip card payments and Apple Pay.™

Clover Business Solutions

  • Clover Station™: All-in-one business management system that simplifies day-to-day operations and helps you to better engage with customers. Accept payments, track inventory, manage employees, execute loyalty programs, and more.
  • Clover Mini™: Our sleekest payment terminal to help you save space and time. Accept multiple payment types, protect sensitive information, set up a loyalty/rewards program, and get all of the flexibility you need without hassle or clutter. The Clover Mini™ is portable and runs on cloud-based software, so you can check your business information from any device.
  • Clover Mobile™: A high-powered and portable handheld device for all of your on-the-go POS needs. Clover Mobile™ offers the same features as its larger counterparts including payment acceptance, fraud protection, rewards/loyalty program, inventory management, and business insights.
  • Clover Go™: Need to accept payment at a job site? Selling your wares at a farmers market or craft fair? Bring your business with you with Clover Go™. You can accept card payments, set tip and tax rates, and email or text customer receipts from any smartphone or tablet device with cellular data or a wifi connection. Also offers 24/7 customer support, as well as sales activity reporting and insights.

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