Download the e-Statement Guide as a PDF

Accessed through your F&M Bank Online Banking, e-Statements are the most convenient, paper-free way to receive your monthly statement(s). Your account information is always secure and accessible only to you, using your unique username and password. You can view your statement as often as you like (for 60 days), and even save it to your computer’s hard drive for permanent storage and reference. Images of all of your cancelled checks are included.

Get Started with e-Statements

  1. Log into your Online Banking account.
  2. Click on “e-Statements” in the maroon menu tab
  3. Click on “Documents & Settings” in the gray menu tab
  4. Click on “Details” if you want to choose only specific accounts for e-Statements. If you do not specify particular accounts, all of your accounts will be enrolled.
  5. Verify your email address is correct.
  6. Create a “security phrase.” This can be a word or short phrase and will be included in the subject line of all notification emails you receive from the bank to identify they are secure. A disclosure statement will appear explaining all of the details for the service.
  7. Click “I agree” if you agree to the disclosures and click “Submit” to finalize enrollment.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly, letting you know that your enrollment was successful. This email, and all subsequent emails notifying you that statements are ready to be viewed, will contain your personal security phrase as part of the “from” line. Your e-Statements will begin with the next statement cycle. When you open the emailed attachment, you will have a log-in screen which requires your Online Banking username and password. If you don’t specify particular accounts, all your accounts that show in Online Banking will be enrolled in e-statements. Only one person can enroll in e-Statements per account. The first person who enrolls will get the statements at their personal email address. Other parties to the account, if they have separate Online Banking credentials, will be unable to enroll that account or access the e-statements.

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