F&M Connect

We believe you should have access to just the right mix of services to meet the needs of your business, regardless of your size or industry.

With F&M Connect, you can customize your business’ banking package, free of charge, with the loan or deposit balances you may already have. If these qualifiers don’t fit your business, don’t worry, these services are still available to you as à la carte options.

F&M Connect Services

Remote Deposit Capture

  • Includes one location and one scanner in monthly service charge pricing

Cash Management

  • Includes ACH Origination, Online Wire Transfers & Positive Pay

Door-to-Door Courier Service

  • Subject to availability

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F&M Connect Tiers

Total Business Package
Three Free Services
$1.5 million loan balance or,
$150,000 deposit account balance.*

Complete Business Package
Two Free Services
$1 million loan balance or,
$100,000 deposit account balance.*

Flexible Business Package
One Free Service
$500,000 loan balance, or
$50,000 deposit account balance.*

*Per unique Tax ID. For use only with F&M Bank business deposit and loan accounts. Balance requirements reviewed monthly, and if requirements are not met, fees may apply. Fees are tier-based: three (3) service fee is $99.00; two (2) service fee is $69.00; one (1) service fee is $39.00.

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