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Introducing F&M’s New Pillars: The Foundation of our Brand

The last several weeks, we’ve revealed each of our new four values that make up our GROW: gregarious, resolute, original, and wholehearted. These values form the roots of the organization – while the core of our brand’s foundation – is represented by our pillars. These pillars serve as guiding principles for our messaging and community involvement, bridging the gap between our values and mission. Today, we proudly introduce our three pillars: Sustenance, Security, and Enrichment.


Sustenance is the pillar that drives our commitment to supporting initiatives and organizations that nourish our communities. It encompasses providing essential resources such as food, shelter, and basic needs to those in need. Our strong involvement with the local agricultural community is a testament to our dedication to ensuring sustenance for all. By actively engaging with initiatives that address these critical needs, we aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and families.


Security is a pillar that reflects our unwavering dedication to building trust and safety within our community. It focuses on supporting public safety, first responders, and general family support. We understand that a secure environment is the foundation for growth and prosperity. By actively investing in initiatives that promote safety and well-being, we aim to foster a sense of financial security among our community members.


The Enrichment pillar signifies our commitment to enhancing lives and experiences. We believe in the power of education, cultural enrichment, and intellectual growth. Through our involvement with the arts and other initiatives, we strive to provide opportunities that empower individuals to expand their horizons. By prioritizing enrichment, we aim to create a community that flourishes through continuous learning and personal development.


Sustenance, Security, and Enrichment – these words form the core of our brand’s identity. They embody our commitment to making a positive impact on the communities we serve in three distinct areas of need. By aligning our messaging and community involvement with these pillars, we aim to communicate, demonstrate, and share our values with our community. Together, let us build a stronger, more prosperous future that is rooted in sustenance, security, and enrichment.


The next blog in our Values Series will celebrate our refreshed Mission and Vision Statements.