Notice for F&M Bank Visa Customers Enrolling in Mobile Payment Systems

The terms and conditions of your applicable F&M Bank Account Agreement(s) govern all transactions made through a third-party mobile payment system such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay® (“Mobile Payment Systems”) using your F&M Bank deposit or credit card account(s) (“Account or Accounts”). You are solely responsible for Account transactions processed through a Mobile Payment System. You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the Account information you enter into a Mobile Payment System. Only the Account’s primary or supplementary cardholder whose name is embossed on the F&M Bank Debit or Credit Card (“Card(s)”) should enter Account information. You understand that while F&M Bank does not currently charge any specific or additional fees when you use a Mobile Payment System to access your Account(s) any, applicable transaction fees will be charged to your Account(s). Please see your F&M Bank Account agreement(s) for applicable fees and more details.

F&M Bank is not responsible for the performance or security of Mobile Payment Systems. You are responsible for keeping your Mobile Payment System login and credentials private and secure. After enrolling in a Mobile Payment System, you will secure your mobile device with the same care you would your Cards in order to avoid unauthorized use of your Account(s). You understand that by enabling a Mobile Payment System to use your mobile device to make purchases and other transactions using your Account(s), your mobile device in certain instances will act as if it were your Card(s). If your mobile device is lost or stolen, or your login and credentials are compromised, you agree to immediately notify the Mobile Payment System and F&M Bank. You may notify F&M by calling 540-896-8941. Mobile applications that enable Mobile Payment Systems to make purchases have unique terms and conditions governing those applications, and by enabling and using the Mobile Payment System you agree to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. However, if a mobile application’s terms and conditions conflict with your applicable F&M Bank Account agreement(s), the F&M Bank Account agreement will govern the transactions posted to your Account. You are responsible for any fees that are imposed by a party other than F&M Bank such as applicable wireless carrier data or usage fees incurred using the Payment System to access your F&M Bank Account(s).