HPD Swat

The 20th Annual SWAT Competition Returns to Harrisonburg 

Following a two-year pandemic pause, Harrisonburg Police Department’s SWAT Competition returns to the Valley on October 14. The competition kicks off at 7:30am with an opening ceremony, followed by teams of Virginia-based uniformed officers participating in a full day of scored events. The heats include shooting scenarios, obstacle courses, found officer rescues, and a mystery event requiring officers to think and react quickly, as they would in the line of duty. At the conclusion of the competition, an awards ceremony recognizes top scoring individuals and teams.

This mental and physical challenge helps SWAT officers keep their edge. Placing officers in the most realistic scenarios – making decisions under stress – gives individuals and teams a realistic perspective of their strengths and weaknesses.

Lieutenant Chris Monahan – Division Commander of HPD’s Special Operations Division – is organizing the competition, which already has 17 teams registered, significantly more than prior years. Monahan stated, “We see this as a good opportunity to build camaraderie and relationships with other SWAT agencies in the state. In the event of a crisis in our area, we know our neighboring agencies can provide the skills and resources required.”

F&M proudly supports this competition because we know that better trained officers better serve our communities, and the value of knowing one’s colleagues and building relationships is integral to success in any organization.

The event is held at Harper-Presgraves Training Grounds and is open to the public.