Harrisonburg Sports Guide

Guide To Harrisonburg Sports Teams, Leagues, And Clubs For Kids And Adults

Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley region is a beautiful place to enjoy outdoor activities. So it’s no surprise that Harrisonburg is a hotbed of sports activities. Enjoy our comprehensive guide to area sports!

Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley region is a beautiful place to enjoy outdoor activities. So it’s no surprise that Harrisonburg is a hotbed of sports activities. From the Recreation Department’s many Harrisonburg youth sports programs, adult sports leagues, and other physical activities; to golf courses that are open to the public for lessons and tee times; and the many small businesses–gyms, martial arts studios, shooting ranges–that contribute to the vibrancy and health of our city; Harrisonburg has something for everyone and plenty of options for families that want to have fun and exercise together. And with James Madison University and other local colleges nearby, there are many good teams to watch and root for.

F&M Bank is a proud community bank with locations across the Shenandoah Valley including six in Harrisonburg and the surrounding Rockingham County. We hope you enjoy our guide to Harrisonburg’s recreational sports activities. Browse local options and class offerings and mark your calendar for registration dates, important game days, and one-time athletic clinics or activities.

Harrisonburg Youth Sports Programs

Harrionsburg Youth Sports

Rockingham County Parks & Recreation offers teams and classes in youth athletics, dance, karate, gymnastics and other activities. In addition to the annual programs listed below, check out the current Activities Guide for an eclectic and comprehensive range of classes in subjects ranging from lacrosse clinics and roller/in-line skate lessons to tae kwon do, FlingGolf, regular golf clinics, and archery tag.

Tackle Football

Eligibility: Eight- and nine-year-olds weighing at least 60 lbs play in the “B” division. Kids ages 10 through 12, including 13-year-olds in the seventh grade, play in the “A division.” Further restrictions apply to “B” division players over 110 lbs and “A” children over 135 lbs, who must play on the line.

Season: Begins in mid-August with practices three times/week. Games begin in mid-September, when practices are cut to twice a week. Tackle football ends in mid to late October.

Location: Practices and games take place throughout Rockingham county.

Uniform: Helmet and shoulder pads are available during the season and must be returned after your child is done playing. The cost of the game jersey (and equipment use) is included in the $45 fee.

Other requirements: Parent/guardian must sign a permission form that also verifies child’s age. (No physicals or birth certificates required.)

Flag Football

Eligibility: All children between ages six and 13. Players are divided into groups according to age range: six- and seven year-olds, eight-10 years, and 11-13 years.

Season: Late August through mid-October. Games and practices are held twice a week: once on a weeknight (the day varies) and Saturday mornings.

Location: TA, Broadway and Spotswood areas

Uniform: A t-shirt jersey is included with the $35 fee.


Eligibility: All children between ages five-18. Players are divided by age, gender, and school district. The five- and six-year-old age group is clinic only. Other groups are seven/eight, nine/ten, 11-13, and 14-18. Players in the oldest group must still be enrolled in high school.

Season: Boys’ basketball runs from early January-late February. The girls’ season is late October-mid-December. Practices and games are held on one or two weeknights (the exact day varies) and Saturdays.

Uniform: A t-shirt jersey is included with the $35 fee.


Eligibility: Ages six through nine are assigned to the “B” squad. 10-13-year-olds make up the “A” squad.

Season: Follows the football season of mid-August through October. Cheerleaders practice twice a week throughout the season and perform on Saturday mornings once games begin.

Location: Throughout Rockingham county

Uniform: The new uniform fee is $50. Previously purchased or secondhand RCPR cheer uniforms are acceptable. Uniform fitting occurs on-site during registration.

Other requirements: $30 registration fee

Wrestling Clinics

Eligibility: Kindergarten through Eighth grade

Season: Check the current activities guide for dates and locations

Co-ed Volleyball Clinics

Eligibility: Ages five through 13

Season: Check the current activities guide for dates and locations

Co-Ed Soccer

Register your child for co-ed soccer online at Shenandoah Valley United Soccer or by calling them at (540) 383-6341.

Adult Sports

Harrisonburg Adult Sports Leagues

The fun doesn’t stop in childhood. Harrisonburg’s Recreation Department provides activities and programs for adults and seniors including fitness classes, open gym basketball, wiffle ball tournaments, bubble soccer, pickleball open gym, self-defense, Zumba, arts and crafts, educational classes, trips, and more. Here are the options for Harrisonburg adult sports leagues:

  • Men’s Basketball: Begins in January (register in December). Games are played in Broadway.
  • Men’s Softball: Summer session begins in May with April registration. To play in the fall (starting in August), register in July. Games are played in Broadway or West Rockingham.
  • Mixed Softball: Summer session begins in May with April registration. To play in the fall (starting in August), register in July. Games are played at West Rockingham.
  • Flag Football: Spring league begins in March (register in January). Fall league starts in September (register in July). Games are played in Grottoes.
  • Women’s Volleyball: Spring league begins in March (register in January). Fall league starts in October (register in August). Games are played at Wilbur Pence or Montevideo Middle Schools.
  • Mixed Volleyball: Begins in January (register in November). Games are played at Wilbur Pence Middle School.
  • Kickball: Summer league begins in May (register in March). Fall league starts in August (register in June). Games are played at West Rockingham.
  • Dodgeball: Begins in October (register in August). Games are played at Mt. View Elementary School.

Where to play golf in Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg Golf Courses

If you enjoy the fresh air and friendly environment of a golf course, there are lots of great choices in Harrisonburg. These four area establishments are all open to the public with membership options, one-time tee time reservations, and lessons for adults and kids.

Swimming in Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg Aquatic Clubs

Aquatic exercise is great for your health and saves you from impact stress to your joints. Whether you’re new to swimming or looking for a team, you’ve got a few different options in Harrisonburg.

  • VAST Gators and Virginia Gators are competitive year-round swim teams.
  • The Westover Waves are a summer recreational swim team for kids ages five-18.
  • James Madison’s UREC pool offers private and group swimming lessons for kids as young as three up to adults.
  • Swimming lessons are also offered through the Recreation Department. Check the current activity guide for availability.

Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges in Harrisonburg

If shooting is your hobby of choice, you can enjoy target practice or sporting clays at these Harrisonburg businesses.

  • The Gun Range offers hourly rates, memberships, and various training classes.
  • Flying Rabbit Sporting Clays is a sporting clays range offering games, instruction, and gun sales and rentals.

Boxing and Martial Arts

Boxing and Martial Arts in Harrisonburg

From classic karate to trendy Muay Thai, Harrisonburg has many high-quality martial arts gyms.

Harrisonburg Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Gyms & Fitness Clubs in Harrisonburg, VA

What if you like to do a little bit of everything? Check out these Harrisonburg gyms and fitness clubs, where you’ll find standard exercise equipment and weight machines, as well as on-site childcare and group fitness classes in some gyms.

Root for your local high school and college teams

Harrisonburg Local Sports Teams

Harrisonburg has a thriving local athletic community including state and county baseball leagues, college athletic programs, and plenty of other local sporting events.

  • Harrisonburg High School, home of the Blue Streaks
  • James Madison University Dukes
  • Bridgewater College Eagles
  • Eastern Mennonite University Royals
  • Harrisonburg Turks
  • Rockingham County Baseball League
  • Valley Baseball League

Active communities are happy and healthy communities.

Harrisonburg's Local Bank

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