Certificate of Deposit

Whether you’re saving for a long-term goal or short-term objective, consider a Certificate of Deposit (CD) as a top choice for your financial plan. CDs offer competitive interest rates—combined with the assurances of saving in an FDIC-insured account with guaranteed returns. Amplify your savings with a CD from F&M Bank today! 

What are CDs? 

Certificates of Deposit are a kind of savings account that feature a set term length. In exchange for keeping your money in your account for a pre-determined period, CDs reward customers with higher interest rates and guaranteed returns. 

A low-risk investment, when you open a CD you’ll choose a term length and associated interest rate that meets your needs and your goals. Your investment will grow for the duration of the term untouched. When it reaches maturity at the end of the term, you can roll it into a new CD or cash out your investment.  

Need your money sooner? At F&M Bank we offer one penalty-free withdrawal after 6 months.   

Who are CDs for? 

Ideal for savers looking for a safe investment avenue, a certificate of deposit account can be a beneficial addition to any savings portfolio. 

  • Saving for a short-term goal with a deadline? Choose a CD with a term-length that aligns with your timeline to give your savings a boost. 
  • Nearing retirement? CDs can be an effective way to continue to grow your nest egg without the risk of market loss. Rest assured your money will be there when you need it. 
  • Looking to diversify your portfolio? CDs can play an essential role in any investment plan, offering the stability of a fixed-income instrument.   

Benefits and Features of F&M Bank CDs 

At F&M Bank, our certificates of deposit offer: 

  • Competitive APYs: Explore our competitive rates and enjoy a .25% interest boost on most CDs with an accompanying checking account.  
  • Simplicity: Choose automatic renewal to ensure continuous investment. 
  • Accessibility: Enjoy one penalty-free withdrawal after six months on select CD Accounts. 
  • Guaranteed returns: Lock in a fixed interest rate until maturity. 
  • Flexibility: Options ranging from short-term to long-term investments to fit various  

Explore CD options and start earning competitive interest rates today. 

Enjoy high-yield CD rates right here in the Shenandoah Valley, paired with the assurance of working with a trusted, local bank. 

Opening a CD account is easy and convenient at F&M Bank. Open your account online or visit your local branch for personalized advice and one-on-one service.   

Rates effective as of: March 25, 2024

Penalty for early withdrawal with the exception of our 12-month CD-Penalty Free product. CDs receive a .25% rate increase with an accompanying checking account.

Account restrictions apply, please see a bank service representative for details. Rates subject to change. Member FDIC.

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