Christmas Club

Enjoy the holidays and avoid the financial stress with a Christmas Club Savings Account from F&M Bank. Christmas Club accounts are a stress-free way to save for end-of-year festivities, presents, vacations, and other significant expenses, allowing you to budget for your holiday spending year-round and skip the big post-holiday bills.   

Key Features 

Our holiday savings accounts offer:

  • Earned Interest: Receive competitive interest on your balance. 
  • Customization: Create your own deposit schedule to align with your budget and savings goals. 
  • Ease-of-Use: Use our coupon books to make easy deposits throughout the year, or set up an automatic funds transfer from your checking account so you never need to worry about missing a contribution. 
  • Flexibility: Not just for holiday spending! Use your account to pay for any major annual expenses from real estate taxes to tropical getaways. 
  • Automatic disbursement: Receive your savings plus earned interest in October, by check or direct deposit—just in time for your holiday shopping and end-of-year needs.  

Open Your Christmas Club Account and Start Saving Today 

Looking for a flexible holiday savings plan that spares you the big bills in January? Consider a Christmas Club Account from F&M Bank and save year-round, earning interest on every dollar deposited.  

Opening a Christmas Club Savings Account is easy and convenient at F&M Bank. Open your account online or visit your local branch today for personalized advice and one-on-one service.   

2023 Christmas Club Dates

October 6th 

Last day for deposits to credit this year

October 11th

2023 Christmas Club disbursements

October 12th

Customers may begin to make deposits for their 2024 Christmas Club.

New Christmas Club accounts can be opened beginning October 12th. 

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