The Federal Reserve has been lifting rates for several months to combat inflation. With each increase, F&M Bank has adjusted to offer the best rates in the market to our clients. Future rate increases mean your earning potential is just beginning with an F&M Bank Money Market Savings Account*, a high-yield Certificate of Deposit**, or Insured Cash Sweep for funds exceeding FDIC limits.

Money Market Savings

In today’s high-interest environment, a Money Market Savings Account from F&M Bank can help maximize your earning potential, while offering the security and flexibility of an insured deposit account. A cornerstone of any smart savings strategy, Money Market accounts are effective tools to plan for short-term goals and long-term growth.  

Key Features 

Our high-interest Money Market Account comes with a number of perks and benefits: 

  • Accessibility. Write up to six checks per month, monitor your accounts with online and mobile banking, or withdraw funds right from our network of ATMs. 
  • High yields and tiered interest rates. Our elevated interest rates can help you reach your savings goals faster. With tiered interest, enjoy a higher APR the more you save. 
  • Low opening deposit and balance requirements. Open an account with only $10 and avoid monthly service fees when you maintain an average monthly balance of only $1,000.  

An Essential Part of Your Saving and Investment Strategy 

The best financial strategies use a constellation of tools to meet your financial needs, build your nest egg, and prepare for the future. High-interest money market accounts can play a pivotal role in your money management plan, offering security, growth, and liquidity. 

Consider our money market account in conjunction with our other financial products and high-yield savings vehicles including: 

  • Certificates of Deposit to grow your investment in a timed savings account with guaranteed returns. 
  • Insured Cash Sweep Accounts to automatically transfer extra funds into interest-bearing accounts, maximizing your earnings. 
  • Premium Savings Accounts to set aside funds for short-term goals or a rainy day. 

Open Your Money Market Account Today 

Looking for secure savings options In the Shenandoah Valley? With our Money Market account, enjoy high-interest returns paired with the assurance of working with a trusted, local bank. 

Opening a Money Market Account is easy and convenient at F&M Bank. Open your account online or visit your local branch today for personalized advice and one-on-one service. 

*$10.00 deposit is required to open an F&M Money Market account. A monthly service fee of $10.00 will be imposed on statement cycle if the average daily balance for the monthly statement cycle falls below $1,000.00. ** Certificate of Deposit. At maturity, CD will convert to a 24-month certificate. Receives a .10% rate increase with accompanying checking account. ***Annual Percentage Yield.

Account restrictions apply, please see a bank service representative for details. Rates subject to change. Member FDIC.

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