Our Local Support During COVID-19

Watch out for Corona-Criminals

In a time of uncertainty and isolation we are all reaching for more information, especially from respected institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and respected hospitals and research facilities. But unfortunately cybercriminals are using the names of these institutions to lure unsuspecting individuals into fake offers, giving out personal information, and clicking on download links that can infect their computers. This can lead to fraud, identity theft and the loss of account information and passwords. As with all things related to the coronavirus outbreak, it pays to be vigilant.

In short, if you have accessed an online article, blog, or website that is not familiar, and you don’t feel 100% safe, do not click on offers or download documents, interactive maps or programs. This may be an attempt to introduce a malicious computer virus, ransom-ware or other program into your phone, tablet or PC for the purpose of collecting your personal information. If you click on a link and you are asked for permission to download, or give access to your photos, contacts, etc., think twice. Do you really understand what this program or app is going to do with the information you are providing? Like the coronavirus we need to be very careful about the things that we virtually touch and what we allow to touch us!

See below two recent articles from the Federal Trade Commission about coronavirus scams:

Avoid Coronavirus Scams

Types of Coronavirus Scams

As always, if you feel that you might be a victim of identity theft or you have a question about the safety of your accounts or your login information please contact us. We can help.

Local Business Profile – Blueline

If you’ve lived in the Valley for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Blue Ridge Architects. And if the name isn’t familiar, you’ve definitely experienced their work. A long-time Downtown Harrisonburg resident, Blue Ridge Architects — recently rebranded as “Blueline” — was founded 15 years ago and has had a hand in designing and building such prominent Downtown fixtures as Turner Pavilion, the Friendly City Food Co-Op, and the JMU wing of the Ice House building.

In December of 2018, Blueline faced the challenge of adding 5 to 7 professional designers to keep up with demand for its services. With notable projects underway from Ohio to Georgia, adding staff one at a time was going to make it difficult to train and integrate new team members efficiently while meeting looming deadlines. In March of 2019 Blueline CEO Randy Seitz AIA, received an email from a mergers and acquisition broker highlighting a firm in Houston Texas with a staff of 7, a strong backlog and specialty in churches — just what Blueline needed.  As Randy and Vice President Anna Campbell, AIA entered into conversations with Turner Duran Architects, they found a firm with solid technical experience, a striking portfolio and dedicated team looking for continuity and new opportunities. More importantly, their clients described a firm that operates with the same values as Blueline — Honor, Humility and Generosity.

By October 1, 2019, the deal was finalized and Turner Duran became part of the Blueline team. Adding Jack Duran AIA and his team to the firm provides both immediate capacity and a giant step towards the goal of providing turnkey project building delivery services to purpose driven organizations nationwide. To get a better sense of how this “blended” firm can help you plan and build a facility that amplifies your mission and purpose, visit www.blueline.team

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